Proscenium Players Inc. Presents: Doubt, A Parable performed at the Brewery Arts Center on Friday

The Brewery Arts Center is hosting the Proscenium Players, Inc’s dramatic reading of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize winning drama, “Doubt: A Parable” by John Patrick Shanley.

The reading will be at 7 p.m. Friday in the BAC’s Expresso Yourself Café.

Doubt is set in the 1960’s Bronx, in the fictional St. Nicholas Church School. The principal, Sister Aloysius Beauvier begins to question the conduct of the young Father Flynn and his relationship with one of the male students. The two enter a battle of wills that leaves everyone questioning the certainty of their morals.

This will be performed as a table reading directed by Christopher Travieso. It will be performed by Cristopher Travieso as Father Flynn, Homes as Sister Aloysius Beauvoir, Nicole Melvin as Sister James, and Annalize Sanders as Mrs. Muller.

Director Cristopher Travieso says, “The emotional impact of this play after reading it was immediate and it instantly became a passion project. Thankfully it did not take years to come to fruition as most passion projects do, as I found incredible support from Gina Hill, Executive Director at the Brewery Arts Center, and Jeff Basa, current President of PPI, right from the beginning. With the rest of the PPI Board behind us and with my amazingly talented cast set, we were off to the races.”

In this gripping period drama, we are presented with a disturbing accusation against a person of prestige and power, of an unspeakable act against the most vulnerable of our populace; a child. Set in a time when men of power and influence were hardly questioned and vows of obedience were followed without question, all while underscored by the cultural and political upheaval of 1960s America.

How would you respond to an open accusation of wrong doing with grave legal and moral implications? How far would you go to protect a victim? How can one truly prove his or her innocence in the eyes of the public once the wheels have been set in motion? As a collective, how do we remain empathetic to a victim while giving an accuser the benefit of Doubt? This play begs those questions and many more of us as audience members and as a society at large. We invite you to take that journey with us as we give consideration to all possible answers.

To witness this one night only event, the cost of admission is only $10.

The proceeds will benefit Advocates to End Domestic Violence.

The Brewery Arts Center is located at 449 W King St, Carson City, Nevada.

For further information, contact the BAC at 775-883-1976 or email


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