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Real estate is a three dimensional puzzle with many components most of which don’t warrant their own newspaper article. Every once in awhile its fun to discuss some of the small but significant pieces to the puzzle that make real estate click. There is priority of importance or impact and not all apply to every transaction, but if something resonates with you in your dealings you will be prepared.

As we progress through the changing of our four good seasons in Northern Nevada property characteristics and scenery change as well. The freshness of Spring and the full color of Summer afford wonderful photo opportunities. Fall colors, too, can be special and Winter’s beauty is worthy of photographing how the land is recharged with the water so vital to the growing seasons. Take a lot of pictures of your property year ‘round so if you decide to sell you can show it at its finest throughout the year, not just in the season that you happen to be in at that time.

The delivery of keys after the property transfer is important, but often anti-climactic these days. We see digital locks on homes that necessitate the transfer of a code, yes, another code. Whether key or code, be sure to change them. Have a locksmith come out and make all your external doors keyed alike. Another access point to protect is your garage door opener codes. Reset it to match your vehicles, or to be new and different to the remote. You may have a nice Seller that you aren’t worried about, but you don’t know who had access to the property during their ownership. Whether an unknown vendor, or miscreant relative, protect you and yours.

Fixing the minor repairs can go a long way to giving a Buyer confidence in your home. Caulking the area around the tub/showers will look good and will be one less item for the inspector to call out. The same goes for the strapping on your hot water heater. You might have the old code compliant plumbers tape earthquake strap, but that will be called out and must be replaced these days. Do it before its needed and, again, you will have less hassle during escrow. Look under your sinks for leaks. Its amazing how often kitchen and bathroom sinks have leaks that the Owner was not aware of despite them being in an often frequented room and easily accessed.

Pulling dirt away from the foundation and deck piers where it meets wood is another easy fix to prevent an inspection call out. Remember, it isn’t just the inspectors that call things out, but Appraisers and Agents will point things out as well. An Agent could be pointing deficiencies to direct them to another home. Take away the opportunities for anyone to disparage the condition of your home. Uncover the septic tank lid, or mark it with some flagging to show confidence and preparedness. You’ll likely need to do it anyway so get it done up front and it will be one less thing to do in the shortest thirty days of your life, the escrow period.

Systems of the house can be daunting to some people. Diagram your landscaping irrigation system and spell out how to operate it. That will take some of the mystery and confusion away from certain Buyers. Do you have solar heating systems? They, too, can be daunting so write out the details on how it works so a Buyer can understand and related to it. Any other quirky features? Tout them and share their use and benefits.

Our advice: Buyers can have a lot of emotion flowing so it is important to minimize the stress factors. Taking care of many of the little things can accomplish that and put you in the forefront as the home to be selected. Put yourself in their shoes – how does it feel to look at your house. Are they buying a job, or can they just move in and enjoy? Be honest with yourself and your efforts will be noticed and appreciated.

As a famous stock car drive once said, “It’s the itty bitty things that separate a champion from second place!” Look small and think big. When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs… Experience is Priceless! Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, 775-781-3704. dpwtigers@hotmail.com


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