Nevada law enforcement cracks down on distracted drivers

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Law enforcement officers statewide are combining efforts for the next three weeks to focus on distracted drivers.

NHP Trooper Matt McLaughlin said the primary problem is drivers using their cell phones. Cell phone use, he pointed out, is a primary offense. That means unlike seatbelt violations that only happen when a driver is stopped for some other infraction, an officer can stop drivers if he sees them handling the cellphone while on the road.

As McLaughlin was explaining that rule while driving down the highway himself, he interrupted the interview to say, “there goes one now.”

He terminated the conversation saying, “I have to pull someone over.”

The Joining Forces Event runs from Feb. 1-19 in western Nevada.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is calling on the public to put the cell phones down and focus on driving. If using a device to help set your destination, set that up on the device before driving.

The office of Traffic Safety says distracted driving is one of the primary causes of crashes on Nevada roads.

McLaughlin said taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can be deadly.

In just five seconds, he said, a vehicle traveling at 55 mph will cover the length of a football field.

In addition, he urged people to remember to wear their seatbelts.


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