Murder and morality

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New York State just passed a new law seeing little discussion in the mainstream media. It attacks those least able to defend themselves. The law changed New York’s abortion law to allow full term abortions. That means that a baby can be aborted up to the time of birth. Further, if the abortion attempt fails, the baby can be killed after birth.

Regardless of which side of the pro-life and pro-choice debate you are on, this law should disgust and appall you. After all, the difference of one day is now the standard for criminal versus legalized murder, at least in the view of many. Any way you look at it, this bill legalizes infanticide. And liberals have the temerity to call conservatives Nazis. This action was cloaked as women’s rights and freedom to choose. If that is so, why is prostitution still illegal in New York?

The passage of the law resulted in the New York legislature breaking out in a standing ovation. In celebration, the One World Trade Center was lit with pink light. I find it ironic that the symbol memorializing 3,000 who died in the 9/11 attack was used to celebrate the coming deaths of untold numbers more. As an aside, if you believe life begins at conception then abortion is the single largest annual cause of death in the U.S.

What starts in New York or California often, but not always, makes its way into the rest of the country. Already there are similar bills proposed in Rhode Island and Virginia. The question is, “Why and why now?” Here is my view.

This country was founded on Christian principles and morals. Like it or not, that is our history. Our Declaration of Independence states in part, “…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…” which unequivocally refers to a higher power.

The left has worked diligently for years to undermine those principles. They have been able to ban any mention of God in schools or public buildings unless it is Allah or Buddha. Media, movies, and video games promote violence and sexual freedom. Fringe groups such as transgenders are being promoted as mainstream. New York’s law is an acceleration of this trend.

History shows that most governments last about 200 years before major changes take place. We are now 232 years in since the Constitution was ratified. We are beating the odds, but only slightly.

More history is in order. The Roman Empire was the premier government of its day. It grew over a 150-year period from a small sub-country to the largest regime of its time. Its government was one of the first to attempt some representation by a body at large, the Roman Senate. There was a rather strict code of conduct for those charged with governance. It took about another 50 years for it to completely disintegrate. Many cite the causes as expanding too rapidly and out of control spending. That is true, but those are results, not causes.

The real cause of the decline of the Roman Empire was the abandonment of their code of conduct, or their moral code if you will. The governing body became more concerned with their own wealth, needs, and desires than for the good of their country. Today’s toga parties are a pale holdover from the wild parties and perversions of the end of the Roman reign. The result was uncontrolled spending, with much of it going into senators’ pockets, and ignoring their duties. Thus the loss of their holdings.

Back to the present. There is no doubt about the decline of the moral code in place when the Constitution was written. It is not hard to think back to an earlier time when items such as homosexuality, transgenderism, legalized marijuana, and now infanticide were not even on the radar of the American populace. How things have changed. I maintain that this is by design.

It is often said that you can’t regulate sin or human behavior. I agree. Past attempts, like Prohibition, failed miserably. Laws against most human failings are really only a deterrent, not a cure. That leaves only a moral code to combat sin.

The left have worked diligently over many years to corrode that moral code. We are seeing the results, including a rather blasé response to the full-term abortion discussions. I view this as the beginning of an accelerated push to unravel the Constitution. Are we going to stand by and let that happen?

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