Leslie Cain: Common home inspection myths

Leslie Cain

Leslie Cain

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Many real estate professionals agree that the home inspection is one of the most important steps in the homebuying process. Therefore, a smart buyer should be familiar with common myths about home inspections as well as what to look for along the way. Here are six myths to ponder when buying your next home:

New Homes Do Not Need to be Inspected

Even though a new house might come with a warranty, it is still a prudent idea to have a home inspection. If, for any reason, the construction is faulty, it can lead to a variety of repair nightmares.

A Home Inspection is the Same as an Appraisal

These two tasks are completely different from one another. The appraisal mainly is conducted for the benefit of the mortgage lender to determine the value of the house based on a list of criteria including the home’s features and the comparable sales in the neighborhood. A home inspection determines the safety of the home, and the current condition of systems such as heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical.

An Inspector Will Uncover Everything Wrong with the Home

While home inspectors often use specialized tools such as infrared cameras and moisture meters, most will tell you they do not have superhuman powers. While inspectors do their best to do a thorough home and yard check, they cannot inspect every nook and cranny. Additionally, if an inspection is being conducted in the middle of winter, it might be difficult to get a good look at the roof and other outside areas.

Buyers Need Not Be at the Inspection

It is actually a good idea for buyers to be at the inspection of a home they are considering buying. Inspectors can go into more detail at the inspection and can point out areas of concern. Additionally, buyers can ask questions at an earlier time in the process instead of waiting until the report is written.

Most Homes Pass Inspection

Home inspection reports are not set up to pass or fail. Every buyer is different in regards to tolerance levels. What is acceptable to one buyer could cause another buyer to cancel the sale. However, a thorough inspection will determine if the home is safe, and that is what is important to most buyers. It also will identify areas of the home that need maintenance and repair.

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Hire

Actually, according to www.realtor.com, it is very important to hire a licensed, reputable home inspector. Oftentimes, your lender or Realtor will make recommendations. However, it is a good idea to get referrals and check references.

For more homeowner information or to find a licensed real estate professional, contact Sierra Nevada Realtors at 775-885-7200 or www.sierranevadarealtors.org. Sierra Nevada Realtors is the voice of real estate in Carson City and the surrounding areas. It is committed to building better communities throughout the region and participating in the political process to protect the industry as well as private property rights.

Leslie Cain is president of the Sierra Nevada Realtors and a Realtor with RE/MAX Realty Affiliates in Carson City. Cain has been active in the real estate industry for nearly 14 years and is very passionate about the Northern Nevada community. She holds several certifications including Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyer’s Representative and Senior’s Real Estate Specialist. Cain can be reached at leslie@lesliecain.com or 775-781-1386.


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