Nevada Senate votes ‘no further consideration’ on vetoed bills

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The Senate voted unanimously on Tuesday no further consideration of the four Senate bills vetoed by Gov. Brian Sandoval following the 2017 Legislature.

That means lawmakers won’t attempt to override those vetoes, which would require a two-thirds majority of the 21 senators.

SB106 would have raised the minimum wage by 75 cents each year until the minimum wage reaches $12 or more if the employer doesn’t offer health insurance, $11 an hour if the employer does offer insurance for employees.

Sandoval said he was concerned the requirement would put a significant burden on Nevada’s small businesses just as they were recovering from an economic downturn, potentially undermining the economic recovery.

Sandoval vetoed SB392, saying large scale authorization of community solar gardens could cause serious disruptions in Nevada’s electric system because large scale community solar gardens could cause problems for the electric utility by mandating those solar gardens get the same incentives rooftop solar systems receive.

SB427 would have required trains in Nevada have a minimum crew of two instead of one. Sandoval wrote that’s already required by collective bargaining agreements and, therefore, unnecessary.

The final bill on the list is SB464, which Sandoval rejected because it would have authorized the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to require bidders for work on the convention center to enter and follow an agreement with labor organizations.


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