Recipe: Grain bowls a ticket to mealtime bliss

Grain bowls.

Grain bowls.

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Grain bowls (or Buddha bowls, as they are commonly called) are a weekday night’s best friend because they’re really about anything you want to put in them. While a traditional Buddha bowl may be vegan (or at least vegetarian), it doesn’t have to be. The only rule is that you incorporate grains, vegetables and proteins you love. Buddha bowls are filling, satisfying and they’re easy to put together using whatever you have in your fridge after a long work day. Also, many local stores carry ready-to-serve grains, so all you have to do is heat and add your favorite ingredients.

At Gather, our four Grain Bowls (quinoa, rice, farro, and risotto) offer a wide variety of grain and vegetable options, each having a unique and unexpected flavor explosion. While each bowl is vegetarian, customers can choose from a broad array of meat-based proteins (think steak, chicken, salmon or even mussels and lobster)!

This recipe is brought to you by Howard Jachens, executive chef at Gather. For the base of the bowl, Jachens uses quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah), which is an ancient grain that originated in the Andean Mountains of South America. Believe it or not, quinoa is a complete plant-based protein, making it an excellent alternative to meat-based proteins or for anyone looking to increase their protein intake. To prepare the quinoa, simply rinse it, boil and drain like you would pasta.

Quinoa Bowl with Mixed Veggies

(The quinoa can be substituted for another grain of your choice, as can the vegetables and meat).

3 cups cooked quinoa (or other grain) 1 heirloom tomato, diced

1/2 yellow bell pepper, diced

1/4 pound mushrooms

1 cup frozen or fresh peas

1 small zucchini, diced

3 pieces asparagus, blanched and diced 1 cup fresh basil pesto

1/4 cup balsamic glaze

2 tablespoons olive oil

Heat olive oil in a large skillet or sauté pan.

Add tomato, bell pepper, mushrooms, peas, zucchini and asparagus and cook until desired tenderness.

Add grain, pesto, and balsamic glaze, stir together until hot.

If desired, top with your favorite cooked meat protein.


Angela Bullentini Wolf is owner/manager of Gather, a farm to table, fine casual restaurant located at 402 N. Carson St. in downtown Carson City.


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