Letters to the editor for Feb. 20, 2019

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Comments in abortion debate exploits honest help

In response to Leonard R. Schmidt’s letters to editor published Feb. 10:

Schmidt’s framing of the issue of “late-term abortion” intentionally distorts the conditions under which this legislation was discussed in Virginia. Northam’s comments, as a former pediatric neurologist, were about cases of serious complications that severely impact medical conditions of the fetus, as well as causing severe impact to the health of the mother. These are rare and wrenching cases that none of us would willingly choose.

Misrepresenting the context and medical methods used in order to inflame a debate that is already overheated invites reckless judgment of the parents who are faced with this horrible choice and cruelly exploits those who offer help and betrays those who seek honest engagement.

Laura J. Hale

Carson City


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