Adjustments being made to Carson City downtown parking

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The Adams 308 N. Curry Building will be 90 percent plus occupied as of next week, with the anticipated opening of Squeeze In. Parking downtown will become more of a premium. To assist with parking issues for everyone, the following adjustments for the added parking needs downtown are being made:

Adams 308 N. Curry Parking Lot will be for downtown customers. As of Monday, the entire Adams 308 N. Curry parking lot will be signed as 2-hour maximum parking per day. This parking is for customers only, and not for owners or downtown employees. This isn’t only for customers of Adams 308 N. Curry but any of the neighboring businesses as well. This will be posted on the lot starting Monday. The maximum 2-hour limit will be enforced by citation and/or towing as per government regulations. Parking at 502 N. Curry will be for the tenants and employees of Adams 308 N. Curry Building. Free parking will be provided at 502 N. Carson Street (between Curry and Carson St at Robinson, across from the Nugget), for tenants and employees of businesses within the Adams 308 N. Curry Building. These will eventually be given dashboard permits and assigned stalls within a couple of weeks. Meanwhile it’s open parking for those tenants and employees. All non-permitted users will be cited or towed per the appropriate government regulations.

Temporary Parking at 205 Telegraph (Telegraph and Plaza to Proctor) and 307 Telegraph (Telegraph and Fall to Proctor). For employees and owners of businesses or entities presently using the Adams 308 N. Curry lot or street parking in front of their downtown businesses, they’re asked to park and walk one or two blocks. Free parking will be allowed two blocks east at 205 E. Telegraph (the block of Telegraph to Proctor, and Plaza to Fall street). Eventually these lots will be for permit use only, with a modest fee to offset cleaning, snowplowing, maintenance, property taxes, and insurance. This parking is at your own risk, as the lot owner won’t be responsible for maintenance, surveillance or theft during this free parking period.

How to get permits and assigned parking on these lots will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

This effort is being done to allow ample parking for downtown customers and give reasonable access to parking for downtown businesses and employees.

Adams 308 N. Curry appreciates everyone’s cooperation during the construction period.


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