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Constitution does not dictate what to do with arms

SB 143- NV Leg. 2019

My U.S. Constitution gives me the “right to keep and bear arms.”

With mature consideration, it also says that right shall not be interfered with.

My Constitution does not designate what I can or cannot do with that “arm” once I get it.

That issue is dealt with in a different section of law, which society chooses to avoid or ignore.

SB143 is self-aggrandizing, self-promoting and does not deal with the real reason, for itself at all; namely the elimination of those using “arms” illegally.

It solves nothing in that regard and just wastes more time on the promotion issue.

It is a blessing that some of those types eliminate themselves.

Those trained in the law, that interpret the law, adjudicate the law, profit from the law, ally with and exempt themselves from the law should not be designing or making the law.

At the Feb. 13 hearing, someone said, “We need to do something.”

They could start by maturely thinking about the actions done so far and the time already wasted doing that.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City

Liberals’ position on abortion, assault is confusing

I truly can’t understand how liberals live with themselves considering their grotesque, ignorant and hypocritical positions on so many relevant issues. Do you really believe it’s OK and, moreover, a celebratory event to cut into and suck out the brain of a baby five minutes from being born? Or worse, the baby is already born and it’s OK to then deprive it of food, water, light, sound and any stimulation until it dies an insufferable death? Is that day right up there with a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, dare I say, a birth? That’s sick.

Do you really believe, seriously, that Earth will no longer support life in 12 years if we don’t eliminate fossil fuels? I thought we’d been through this before with Al Gore and Ted Danson predicting end times that have long come and gone. Talk about fearmongers; you people are worse than Jim Jones. Tell you what, you stop flying and driving. You swim to England and Hawaii. Since liberals make up about 35 to 40 percent of the U.S., our path toward destruction should be decreased by that amount in 2031. If true, I’ll stop flying and driving, too.

And why do you “believe” every woman that accuses a Republican of assault and don’t “believe” any woman that accuses a Democrat? I’m just curious what the difference is. And why can a liberal wear blackface or be a KKK member and win elections or keep his seat? I just don’t understand. Or maybe I do.

Dan Cerda


Trump again

I am puzzled; why do millions of “evangelical Christians” continue to support Donald Trump, a man who has repeatedly trashed the Ten Commandments, shredded the Golden Rule and violated nearly every tenet of human decency? I eagerly await enlightenment.

John O’Neill


Our tubs are overflowing

Have you ever accidently left the bathtub fill to overflowing? If so, you know that when you turn the faucet off by, say 20 percent, that doesn’t solve the problem. Water continues to overflow, albeit more slowly. The solution is to shut off the water and pull the plug. The tub has to drain faster than fill.

This is like what is happening to our atmosphere and oceans. They are full and overflowing with greenhouse gases. We can reduce/reuse/recycle, carry our cloth bags, eliminate plasticware, bicycle or walk. But all of that is like reducing the flow into the tub. We need to pull the plug on using fossil fuels. We need to find healthy alternatives and expand economic opportunities in renewable energy sources.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763, is a bipartisan bill to get climate change in check. By putting a price on carbon emissions and returning the revenue to citizens, it could reduce greenhouse gases while creating American jobs and improving public health. Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s executive director Mark Reynolds stated, “This bill is easily the most significant congressional move on climate change since 2009. And with bipartisan sponsorship it has a real chance at passage.”

Let’s write and call our congressional representatives and senators and let them know we want them to support this bill. We have our personal stories to share on why it is time to shut off the water and pull the plug on climate pollution.

Lin Zahrt

Carson City

Indian Song

I take the white man’s writing stick

And make the marks on paper

That becomes the pictures in my mind.

The eagle soars within my soul,

And water running from the spring

Consecrates the burial grounds

That cover where my fathers lie with the Great Spirit

Another mark becomes the cry of

The great wolf that roams the

Ridges of people’s memory.

Because I learned to use the writing stick,

I put my soul on paper for those yet unborn,

At least that iw what the white many says.

No longer do we pass our stories from our lips by

The sacred fire in our camp.

What is more real, the images in my mind

Or the marks on this page?

Can the white many ever really see

Vast herds of buffalo, long gone,

Or the sacred bear who never heard

The thunder from the lightning spear?

When I am gone will the marks on this page

Be as clear and real as was seen through

The eyes of this Indian?

My peoples’ wisdom tells me that

Images are more real than

Marks that stand for images.

I am just another Indian with a writing stick,

But my mind writes in the sky forever

Gene Giudice

Carson City


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