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As I write this there is “grave concern” in the media over the partial government shutdown over funding for the border wall. Media pundits decry the cruelty of the government shutdown and the supposed cruelty toward children at the border. Their bias is irrefutable and misleading regarding both the wall and what is happening at the border.

Let me say first that I am writing this a few days ahead of when you will read it. As such, I have no idea what the shutdown situation will be at press time. I hope, however, that President Trump stands firm.

Democrats are acting like kindergartners who have been denied recess. I suspect that part of the problem is that Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Schumer got outmaneuvered by Trump late last year. You probably didn’t see this in the news, but Trump met with Pelosi and Schumer in the White House. These meetings usually start with media cameras. The press is then excused prior to meaningful discussions.

Trump, however, did not excuse the media and Pelosi and Schumer were forced on camera to state they would not fund the border wall. They threatened a government shutdown. Trump called their bluff and said he would own the shutdown. Again, this was all on camera.

Here is how ridiculous this whole debate is. Trump is asking for $5.6 billion to start building the wall. That is a rounding error in the total budget. Ten times that figure is wasted annually through fraud in social programs. Further, the same people who supported and voted for over $15 billion for the wall in 2006 are now opposing $5.6 billion for the same use.

Barrier walls on borders are proven to be effective deterrents. The ironic thing is that the wall could be quickly paid for simply in savings of not having to pay benefits from social programs to new illegal immigrants.

Of course, the media latches on to anything about the border that they think will make Trump look bad. There have been two young children die while in Border Patrol custody. The media doesn’t tell you the full story. The first child died from severe dehydration while only under Border Patrol care for a few hours. You don’t get severely dehydrated in that time. The child came to them already in distress. Further, the child was flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital for care.

The second child died from a flu-like illness. The father earlier refused care from Border Patrol for the child. Only when symptoms became critical did the father turn the child over to the U.S. Once again, the child was nearly immediately flown to a nearby hospital for care, too late.

What is not reported by the media is the makeup of the much-publicized caravan. Only about 20 percent of the caravan is women and children. The rest are adult males. Many of these are proven criminals in their countries. A substantial number have been proven to be not only criminals, but violent ones. These are who Pelosi and Schumer want to enter our country.

Never fear, however. Pelosi has nothing to worry about. Her home is surrounded by a wall. So is Obama’s house in Washington, D.C. We as taxpayers also get to pay for their security while they work diligently to undermine ours.

The ongoing battle over funding the border wall boils down to this. On one hand there is Pelosi. She is a manipulative, sly, sometimes underhanded, but experienced politician. In fact, her daughter said of her, “She’ll cut your head off, and you won’t even know you’re bleeding. That’s all you need to know about her.” On the other hand, there is Trump. He is a businessman who has negotiated many lucrative agreements and knows how to deal with the other side. His style is pretty much straightforward, sometimes with a bludgeon.

So we have a sly experienced politician who will try to figuratively behead her opponent, who has a neck of steel and will strike back. At issue is, on its face, the border wall. The real issue is control. Trump is hated by the Washington establishment and they believe he must be stopped at all costs so the establishment can retain control. This is spite of the fact that Trump’s popularity is increasing and politicians are throwing their constituencies overboard.

So please, take the time to write, call, or email the president. This is the time to show your support.

Tom Riggins can be reached at news@lahontanvalleynews.com.


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