Trina Machacek: Breaking out in puppy fever

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Kittens are everywhere this time of the year. The prolific ability of cats is unsurpassed if you ask me. I hate mice so I keep a small herd of cats around. It works for me. I live as a country mouse in the country. Don’t tell my cats they will have me for dinner. Dogs on the other hand, or paw, are also quick to reproduce however they seem to be a bit more controllable when the “season” is at hand. That is why puppy fever for me is easier to control within myself. Puppies are a little harder to find around here. But! Yes a puppy breath smelling “but.” But puppy fever is upon me and I am fighting it tooth and nail and puppy dog tail.

At some point during the past month or so puppy fever hit my heart with all the force of a St. Bernard hitting a frozen skier with a keg of brandy around his neck. For medicinal purposes only of course. I can’t even watch a certain commercial that is aired more than needs to that has a little puppy named Buddy in it. I have to cover my eyes and say out loud, “Don’t look at Buddy.” Yes the fever is that hot here.

I thought I had resolved to not add another mouth to my household. I thought I had resolved to not let another thing live here that sheds hair more than I do. I thought I had resolved to not bring something new to the yard that would require any type of pooper scooper, plastic bags or a reason to have a shoe scraper parked reluctantly on the back porch. P.U.

Puppy fever hits out of the blue. This is not the first time for me. I have been around and had dogs all of my life until the past few years when they did not fit into the life and times of my life. Really thought I was over the need of a dog. Or my want and desire of a four-footed slobbery friend that would be my best and constant companion. So where in the world has this puppy fever come from? It’s not like I have gone shopping for one, or seen a box of puppies for free outside of a store. I was just living summer with all the simmering summer-ness that I can muster. Until this happened…

A friend of mine who has wanted a dog for some time now told me she was getting a puppy. Good for her I thought. She needs one more thing on her plate of work, husband, family, friends, garden and, and, and. She’s young and a puppy will be lucky to be able to keep up with my friend. I kinda let it go. Then she said the puppy is a little Sheltie Collie she was on her way from the Midwest and her name will be Lulu. Topping it off with a picture of the little bundle of fur and black nose. There went my heart. The fever was upon me. No amount of ice could cool the heat.

I have not met Lulu yet. I’m sure it won’t be long before I do. I’m excited for the licks and tail wags. I look forward to the bounce and squeak. And that’s just what I will do. HAHA Well maybe not the tail wagging. I look at this as a test. I have been tested tons of time in the past 18 months so this will be a snap. I will keep my resolve. I will not let some little puff ball with a pink tongue and perky ears sway me from the calmness of my non-puppy home.

In my neighborhood we all live about a mile or two apart. That’s perfect for all of us. I do have a neighbor that raises the cutest miniature Border Collies. Yes the black and white dogs that will steal your heart before you can say Rumpelstiltskin. I’d visit her more but I don’t have the firm doggedness to not scoop up her fur balls and bring ’em all home.

I will someday get a new puppy. I was told to not worry. One will find me when the time is right. I believe that. I am not ready to stop going places at the drop of a hat — or bone. I am not ready to have to get the pet friendly rooms at a hotel. I have Lulu’s new owner come over when I am gone to feed my herd. Not going to push my luck and add a puppy to that mix. Nope, not going to do it. Nope. No way, no how not a chance…

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Find her on Facebook, Instagram or share at Really!


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