Trina Machacek: Double duper

I’ve been duped. Actually, I have been double duped. I am a double-duped duper. That is not a super-duper thing to be. At first thought, you might think I was duped while buying consumables with all the shenanigans going on with sizes and weights and money and costs and profits. You would be right. In the grocery store world, I bought a new roll of paper towels and noticed that the new roll isn’t quite as big as the last one. But of course, the wrapper of the last roll is long, long gone, so I have nothing to compare it with. I just know that the new roll isn’t quite as full a fit on the holder as the last roll was. But the price. I remember the price and it is more now than the last roll. I attributed the price increase to the world of pricing and money and all. I can deal with that. But to then add that the roll is smaller, too? A bit too dupe coincidental to me. So, yes, that was the first dupe of the week. And we all shrug and think, “Nothing I can do about it,” and go on about our daily lives and living.

Now this next one, I am taking on may or not be a thing. But — yes, a flammable “but” that lights my fire every time I go to fill my truck with gas — here’s my story and I am wondering if I am losing my mind or if this is really a thing…

I pay cash for gas. Not that there is anything wrong with using a debit card. I just know myself enough to know that I am scatterbrained just enough to not remember to write every transaction down in my check register to keep track of all the electronic exchanges of money for goods that I might transact during any timeframe. Whew. So cash is my payment method of choice when I am out and about. Which really has nothing to do with the dupe, just wanted to mention it.

So I go in to the establishment, put my money down and go back out to pump the liquid push water from the pump into my truck. Now I have noticed this thing has happened to me for some time now and I want you to let me know if I am nuts or if this is a real thing. After taking off the gas cap, picking up the handle, choosing the grade of gas and putting the handle into the tank I squeeze the handle and the meters start to go around — fast! But then it seems to take at least 25 cents to sometimes 60 cents or more on the money reels and a varied amount of gas on the gas reel to show before I hear the gas start to flow. Yes this is a real thing — I think. I keep thinking I am losing my marbles (I haven’t I checked and I still have my last marble in my pocket that I carry with me at all times. Ha, ha.).

I had a guy try to tell me that it’s all about the gas left in the hose from the previous gas buyer and some sort of flapper in the hose and, and, and. But I think that is bunk. I think, like the paper towels, that I’m being duped. Or I just don’t understand the gas pump process.

I can see a bunch of us all now leaning down to listen for the flow of gas as we start to pump. We can call ourselves “gas whisperers.” It will be interesting to me to hear if this piques your interest enough to pay attention to the flow of the gas next time you go to fill up. Oh, don’t just let it be once. Try it at two different stations and see what you think. Of course, if you can explain it to me in a voice and use words that will make sense to me, I will just chalk it up to not having enough to do as I stand there and wait to hear the click of the handle telling me the tank is full.

Oh, and while here, if the pump clicks off at $10.41, I stop at $10.41. I again listened and if I pumped to $10.50 or even $11, the gas didn’t get from the pump to the tank when I squeezed the handle for the rounding up period. Just saying.

Hope this doesn’t give you any gastronomical issues. If so, just buy some digestive aids with the change you get from stopping at $10.41. You’re welcome.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nev. Find her on Facebook, Instagram or share at Really!


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