Lattin Road sewer consolidation project begins June 24

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Churchill County will begin construction on the Lattin Road sewer consolidation project on June 24. The project will connect 25 properties on Lattin Road and Dallas Drive to the county wastewater system.

The County Board of Commissioners awarded this contract, in the amount of $507,000, to A&K Earthmovers at its May 15 meeting.

“Because these residences are within the well-head protection area for the county water supply well, we are connecting them to the existing county-owned wastewater system because it eliminates the possibility of groundwater contamination and potential public health hazards,” said Marie Henson, Churchill County building official.

During the first phase of construction, A&K Earthmovers will drill wells to lower the water level in the project area to enable placement of the new sewer line under the north part of Lattin Road. At the same time, construction of new individual sewer connections on the southern part of Lattin Road, and Dallas Drive, will begin. Slight disruptions of sewer service will occur as residents are connected to county wastewater system, but individual residents will be notified prior to expected disruption periods.

A&K will follow Nevada Division of Environmental Protection regulations regarding individual residential septic systems being abandoned in place by pumping out septic tanks, crushing them, filling them with sand and replacing dirt over the top to return the area to its natural grade.

For the second phase beginning on or about July 18, there will be intermittent road blockages and traffic rerouting on the north part of Lattin Road as A&K lays the new sewer main under the road. While delays will be as short as possible, some access to driveways may be temporarily restricted. Affected property owners will be advised of any restrictions prior to implementation.

Re-paving the upper part of Lattin Road is scheduled for July 31 with a final cleanup Aug. 1.

From June 24 through early August, there is the possibility of intermittent traffic delays and detours, so motorists are advised to seek alternative routes whenever possible. As with any construction project, noise and dust are by-products of the process, but will be mitigated as best possible.

All dates are subject to possible weather and scheduling delays.

Contact Churchill County Building Official Marie Henson at 775-428-0264 if there are questions.


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