Crackdown on robocalls joined by Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford

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Saying enough is enough, Attorney General Aaron Ford has joined a coalition of federal and state agencies to crack down on illegal robocalls.

Ford said he’s joining the effort by the Federal Trade Commission to help stop those calls using a variety of tools including enforcement actions and consumer education.

“Like many Nevadans, I’ve had enough of these illegal scams,” he said. “Protecting consumers from scams like this is one of my top priorities.”

He said robocallers may use software that allows them to make the number seem like it’s a local call to improve chances you’ll answer. He said you can block robocallers — ask your carrier how. He also said to avoid pressing any numbers when you receive a call as that can lead to even more calls.

He said people should report illegal numbers from suspected robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission.

Ford said his office will be sharing education tips through social media including videos designed to inform Nevada consumers what actions they can take and how to identify robocall scams.


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