Capitol Police pay bill to get Assembly vote

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The Assembly Government Affairs Committee voted Friday to recommend passage of the bill to increase pay and benefits for Capitol Police officers.

Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui, D-Las Vegas, introduced AB143 saying its not fair Capitol Police are paid less and treated differently than NHP, P&P and other public safety officers in state service. She said they also receive fewer benefits than officers in other public safety divisions and have less chance for advancement.

AB143 would mandate those officers be raised from a DPS 1, Grade 36, to DPS Officer 2 — Grade 39. The difference would raise their pay about 15 percent and provide them with the same benefits NHP officers currently receive.

In addition, it would mandate the two Capitol Police sergeants be raised from Grade 39 to Grade 41, about a 10 percent increase.

The Department of Administration estimates the change would cost the state about $472,000 each biennium.

Rick McCann of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers said the issue has been raised numerous times to former governors but was always cut form the proposed budget.

“Quite frankly, I got tired of it so we brought you a bill,” he told the committee. “We need to fix this inequity.”


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