Letters to the Editor for May 29, 2019

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Resident follows through on word after accident

A couple of weeks ago, I came out of the grocery store and opened the driver’s door. It was hard to open and there was an awful clunk. Just then a guy came up to me and said his shopping cart had gotten away from him and the wind slammed it into my car. He gave me his information and said he’d call his insurance in the morning.

The next day, I got a call from his insurance (USAA) saying they would not cover the repairs as it was not a car-to-car accident. Unbelievable! Later, I talked to the guy and he said he personally would take care of the repairs. And guess what? He did! To the tune of $1,500.

It feels good to know that there are still honest people in this world. So many would have simply walked away.

Karma is a good thing. Thank you, Ralph Zastrow, and I wish you well.

Sue Brattain

Carson City

An apology to those who sacrificed

This Memorial Day I cannot in good faith celebrate whole heartedly.

With the current state of our government on both sides of the aisle acting like a couple of school bullies trying to one-up another while forgetting to address the needs of us citizens, I find myself embarrassed to even be an American.

WTF is wrong with our government when it places the wants and needs of those breaking the laws before the needs of its citizens? Maybe some of the thousands of homeless Americans including veterans would like someone in our government to explain this. I for one would.

I seriously think that the thousands on thousands of military personnel that bravely went to war and gave the ultimate cost of their lives to protect this country, and its standards of moral concerns for its citizens would be turning in their graves if they see the current truth and state of this country.

I, for one, would like to apologize to each and every one of them for the current disappointments.

Donald Jackson

Carson City

Signing bill will make electoral college irrelevant

Gov. Steve Sisolak wants to make Nevada even less relevant and even more of a flyover state than it already is. He is going to sign the bill passed by the Senate that renders the Electoral College irrelevant. If anyone is still wondering what a female majority Legislature would bring us, now you know: Nevada will be rendered irrelevant. What this bill means to Nevadans is that our meager electoral votes will be committed based on the national popular vote outcome. This, of course, also means that national politicians will no longer have to bother with small population states like Nevada. Instead of the Electoral College keeping each state relevant in national elections, Sisolak and his cronies are saying that whatever the big states, like California and New York say, Nevada will blindly go along. I never thought that a governor of Nevada would act to intentionally render the voices of Nevadans irrelevant, yet this is exactly what Sisolak is going to do when he signs this bill into law.

J. Tyler Ballance


Abortions can be prevented

Women tell of the grief, sorrow, confusion, and the struggle they have with an abortion, some of which lasts a lifetime.

Abortions cost millions of dollars a year. As many as 238,000 abortions are performed annually in the United States, which would be prevented, if men and women used some form of birth control.

Birth control methods are effective 70 to 99 percent of the time; the morning-after pill is also effective 99 percent of the time. Men who don’t want children should have a vasectomy.

Abortions would be almost eliminated, except in cases of rape — and most of those pregnancies would be prevented if victims were routinely given the morning after pill.

The abortion rate is six per 1,000 women in the Netherlands, Where birth control pills are free, along with an extensive campaign to encourage people to use birth control methods. Birth control works there and it would work here.

Our politicians and pro-life advocates try to stop abortions by passing strict and harsh laws that don’t solve the problem, causing many unwanted babies to be born.

Pro-lifers and pro-abortionists should fund birth control education and make these methods available free or at a low cost.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Child president throws another tantrum

Our “Child President” has thrown another tantrum; this time refusing to participate in the governing of our nation until the Democrats cease all investigations into his past activities including those relating to the 2016 elections. If, truly there is nothing to hide, shouldn’t he stop issuing “executive roadblocks” and say to his adversaries; “Investigate all you want . . . just get it over with quickly so that we can get back to ‘doing the business’ of the people who elected us.”?

John O’Neill



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