Bordewich Bray teacher ties things up neatly, class to honor Bow Tie Day

Third grade students in Patrick Turner's class at Bordewich Bray Elementary School celebrated National Bow Tie Day Wednesday.

Third grade students in Patrick Turner's class at Bordewich Bray Elementary School celebrated National Bow Tie Day Wednesday.

Each day, while many parents are packing lunches for their school children, Patrick Turner, third grade teacher at Bordewich Bray Elementary School in Carson City, finishes tying things up neatly in a bow — more specifically, his bow tie.

Although he might not carry as much clout as Bill Nye or James Bond, two famous examples of regular bow-tie wearers, his students still think he’s pretty spiffy. Turner has been an educator for 11 years, but for the more recent seven-year duration of his teaching career at Bordewich Bray Elementary, he has worn a neck tie every day to school. And, within the past three years, he has worn a bow tie to school every Thursday. His class has since self-proclaimed the day each week as “Bow Tie Thursdays.”

Wednesday was National Bow Tie Day, and thousands of men, women and house pets throughout the world celebrated the bow tie.

“Once a year, every Aug. 28, the globe comes together to celebrate,” it reads clearly from “Whether you love this style for its retro-cool factor or quirky connotations, #NationalBowTieDay marks the one day a year when the bow tie reigns supreme. Go to the grocery store, do a puzzle, ride in a hot air balloon — if you’re wearing a bow tie, you’re celebrating.”

Although, it’s not “Bow Tie Thursday,” Turner said he will engage his students in curriculum-based learning, wrapped with fun and bow ties. Something as simple as crafting, coloring and fastening paper bow ties for students to wear during lessons and throughout the school day, might be considered a worthy homage to the timeless and often under-appreciated fashion accessory.

“You can tell the difference in a student’s attitude when he or she gets to wear a bow tie,” he said. “It gives them an added sense of professionalism and boosts their sense of importance. I’ve even seen the students perform better during tests when they’ve dressed nicer.”

Turner purchased, with his own money, enough bow ties for each student in his class to wear Thursdays. This year, with a considerable donation from, his entire class has been suited with their very own bow tie. And every student in Mr. Turner’s third grade class will celebrate.

“We pay tribute to those that honor the timeless style of the bow tie on this special day of celebration. As an extremely important part of men’s fashion, the bow tie gets its own designated day here in the United States on Aug. 28. Why? Because bow ties are cool,” the creators of wrote on their website.


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