Talk of the Town: Rupert’s Precision Gemcutting

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Are you into beautiful Jewelry?

Gem quality, one of a kind

Come into “Rupert’s Precision Gemcutting”

You are in for a wonderful find

Tobin Rupert is the owner, gemcutter

With Kendra Thurman and Nena Leonard by his side

Doing appraisals,watch repair, beading and jewelry designs

Along with customer service that they provide

Tobin likes the search

Seek and you will find

Mother earth’s treasures come alive

It just takes a little time

Rock art, wood art and Native American knives

Are some of his designs

Connecting you to the spiritual world

You would be surprised

I love his connection with nature

And the Jeffery pine tree that he found

He wouldn’t cut the branch off the tree

He waited for the branch to fall down

It now sits at the entrance of his shop

Inlaid with turquoise for all to see

He really can’t use his cell phone there

It’s full of too much energy

He creates a huge art work every year

A Spirit Pole beckons you in

A Galas Dungal sits outside made from cedar

You can just walk in

Tobin’s roots go way back

Quite a lot further than mine

With a Washoe grandfather and full Paiute grandmother

They go back to the beginning of time

All in all, Tobin loves his work

With the unique gems and minerals that he finds

He will make it special for you

A Mother Earth piece one of a kind

Rupert’s Precision Gemcutting” is located at 2800 S. Curry St., in Carson City. 775-882-5988.


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