Student talks about challenges, rewards of learning online

Ivy Kent’s first course at Western Nevada College was an elementary algebra class in Spring 2013 to prepare her to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. She has been an enlisted member of the Nevada Air National Guard since April 2013, and that class was an integral part in setting her up for success.

Kent returned to WNC in 2017, and, in 2018, decided that her goal was to gain entrance into the nursing program. This semester, she’s taking her last two prerequisite courses and has applied to the nursing program.

The switch to online courses during this time has provided a whirlwind of emotions.

“On the one hand, I am very grateful that the school has gone strictly online so that we students, our professors and the rest of the WNC staff can maintain their health and well-being. On the other hand, this transition has been much more difficult than I had anticipated,” she said. “I've taken online classes before, so having the curriculum online isn't anything new. What I find most challenging is not being able to socialize with my classmates before and after class. There is something cathartic about being able to stress with your friends before a big exam, cross-referencing answers after a quiz or laughing about the silly things we all sometimes do under pressure during tests.”

That being said, Kent believes going online has given all students the somewhat unique opportunity to become more creative in the ways that they interact and work with their classmates and professors.

“As we students, the professors and the staff make this transition, I feel it's best to keep in mind that we are all learning this new existence together,” she said. “Just because we can't physically assemble doesn't mean we have to lose our sense of community.”

Fernley Social Media Accounts Activated; Registration Contact Number Created

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are now active for Fernley students and residents to keep up to date on WNC happenings. Feel free to follow us and like our pages!

  • Facebook: @WNCFernley
  • Twitter: @WNCFernley
  • Instagram: @wncfernley

Fernley students now have a line to call for help with the registration process. Call 775-461-9526.

New Wildcats Always Welcome. Registration for Summer, Fall Underway

Admissions and Records is offering full services through the campus closure. Staff is available to take phone calls during regular business hours and are happy to assist students and the campus community.

Staff is dedicated to summer and fall registration, which started the week of April 6 for returning students and on April 13 for new students. Students who have not attended WNC before can start by applying for admission at The class schedule is available online at

Students may submit forms online when available and can send others by fax, scan and email, or by mail. We are processing transcript orders and all services as usual.

Contact Admissions & Records at 775-445-3277 or

Virtual Veterans Center Provides Services Via Zoom

Looking for a way to stay connected while practicing social distancing? The Veterans Resource Center has you covered with our Virtual Center!

Earlier this month, the Virtual Veterans Center debuted on Zoom with operating hours from 8 to 10 a.m. Monday through Thursday. The virtual center is open to all students, friends and family. So, please don’t be shy, access one of the provided links to say hi, hang out with the Wildcat Veterans Student Club ... play board games?

If you have questions regarding either school or VA benefits, there will be a team member to assist you.

You can find the daily links to our virtual center at and


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