If you are looking for love, get a dog

As Christmas rapidly approaches and the COVID virus keeps us apart from family and friends, loneliness can become our companion. Instead of distressing, get a furry friend who will not only warm your heart but your bed, too.

Do dogs really love us? According to recent studies from several different sources, they do.

As science finds new ways to explore the inner workings of the brain, amazing insights to the emotional life of dogs emerge.

Researchers at Emory University used fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to explore dogs’ brains and discovered that the caudate nucleus area of the brain, which is the area associated with positive expectations, reacted most strongly to the scents and sounds of their owners. Dogs may not be able to express love verbally, but you cannot fool their brains.

In one experiment, researchers trained dogs to open large boxes with food in them. After the dogs learned to open the boxes, the dogs’ owners hid inside and made distressing sounds. Not surprisingly, the dogs immediately tried to get to their owners. The experiment illustrated that dogs do care and try to figure out what to do.

One personal experience with this concept happened when our Lab named Baby refused to come when we called her. Joe faked a heart attack by falling down clutching his chest. Baby immediately ran to him very concerned about the situation. To her surprise, he grabbed her. Unfortunately, it only worked once.

The most important bond that humans form with their dogs is the oxytocin or “love hormone” connection. Gazing into each other’s eyes causes a release of oxytocin similar to the reaction mothers and infants have. Love is the feeling of comfort and satisfaction. Getting a dog will warm your heart and your home. CAPS has guests waiting for forever homes.


Folks who have run out of gift ideas for Christmas. Make this a Hairy Merry Christmas for our guests by donating to CAPS in someone’s name.

Aluminum cans. If you have, cans to pick up, give us a call (775-423-7500) and we will come get them. You can also drop them off at CAPS.

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Alice for the veterinarian donation and supplies. A big bark of thanks to you!

Linda Martinez and Karen G. for the handmade quilts, diapers, and bleach they left at the gate. A big pooch smooch to you!

The wonderful folks who went to Lovelock to get kitty litter for us. Paws applause to you!

Dinan Cooper for the cat food and litter. You have a great cat-titude!


CAPS is now open, by appointment only, for adoptions, SNAPS, and food pantry. We cannot accept volunteers until further notice. Call 775-423-7500.


December Pet Holiday: National Cat Herders Day Dec. 18.

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