Past Pages for February 1 to 4, 2020

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150 Years Ago

Boys in a scrape: In the Plaza two little boys got into a rough and tumble fight and were banging each other while a crowd of idle boys, Indians and white men were watching. When Deputy Sheriff Butler stepped into the ring, he collared the young belligerents and marched them off to jail where they were kept long enough to teach them the wickedness of such behavior. They were sent home. There is a good and pious ballad which says:

“Your little hands were never made

To tear each other’s eyes:

But if a boy you’re bound to fight,

Just take one of your size.”

140 Years Ago

Canary: Willie Duprey, a boy in Gold Hill, tried to catch a canary which had alighted near a window. He reached forward and fell out of the window and striking the ground 20 feet below, crushed in his head and was instantly killed.

130 Years Ago

Small slides: The back hills of Genoa and the small canyons are having snow slides. It is as if somebody had started a huge snow ball rolling from the top, which has grown to the size of a barn and finally broken into a thousand fragments at the bottom. No harm done.

110 Years Ago

Alamo Country Club: John Powell, who has charge of the Alamo Farm, the property of the late John Sparks, is endeavoring to secure the home ranch of the late governor as a Country Club. The property is a few miles this side of Reno on the line of the V. & T. R.R. and comprises seventy-five acres of land. It is proposed to use the Sparks home as the headquarters, golf links, tennis courts, and other outdoor amusements to be added to the attractions. The natural hot water swimming tanks and artesian wells on the place would make it ideal. The property is to be taken over for the amount of money due on it. It is hoped that the scheme can be carried through as an investment of a sentimental nature.

50 Years Ago

Rustlers: A reward of $1,500 has been posted in a move reminiscent of the Old West to anyone who can bring in the rustlers who are hauling cattle away and selling them in neighboring states.

20 Years Ago

Golden Globe award winner: Morgan Freeman won the best actor Golden Globe Award for “Driving Miss Daisy.”


150 years ago

Destructive Fire at the Carson Race Course. About eleven o’clock on Monday night a fire broke out from the stables situated in the middle of the grounds which are enclosed by the Carson Race Course. Seven horses and some fifty barn yard fowls were burned.

130 years ago

Old man Vesey the miser, known as “Hermit Vesey,” is snowed in a canyon this side of Lake View and it’s not known whether he is dead or alive.

100 years ago

Reports received at the office of Dr. S.L. Lee of the state medical board indicate that influenza is on the increase in this state, but deaths from the disease have been few. Throughout the nation the disease is increasing an in a number of large centers becoming epidemic.

80 years ago

Bernard Scott, caretaker of the Weber Lake Inn, who was reported ill at his snowbound camp, is considerably improved and was treated by a physician at his camp yesterday. A rescue party in a son-mobile succeeded in reaching the camp from Hobart Mills, yesterday.

60 years ago

A shakeup in the Carson City police department has brought about the release of one man and the promotion of two others, sheriff and ex-officio city marshal Howard Hoffman said today.

40 years ago

U.S. Senate candidate Mary Gojack has not yet made a final decision on deployment of the MX missile system in Nevada but says what she has heard so far indicates it could be very bad for the state.


150 years ago

A friend recently in from White Pine tells us of a rat story at the Three Mile House on the Elko road near Hamilton where a man from China officiates as a cook. For some weeks George has made mention of a “big lat” cruising about nights in the kitchen around the pots and bottles. After capturing the “lat” and some struggle, George said the “lat” stank pretty bad. The “big lat” was slaughtered and found to be a full grown skunk of the first water. It took a week or so to get rid of the scent.

130 years ago

The V. & T. Have a gang of about 80 men working between here and Lake View, and expect to get to Reno by today, in time to meet the C.P.

100 years ago

The fight for the Aranguena booze goes merrily on in the district court. The whiskey, about 500 bottles in all, was seized when Aranguena and two companions were arrested at Sulphur last summer for bringing liquor into a dry state and has been stored ever since in a cell in the county jail.

80 years ago

Mrs. Virginia Nicolson Welles obtained a decree of divorce from Orson Welles, radio and screen actor-producer, writer in Reno today. She charged cruelty.

60 years ago

State director of conservation Hugh Shamberger set an all time record yesterday for distance and speed in getting to work — leaving Baltimore, Md. at 8:30 a.m. and reporting into his office here at 3 p.m. Shamberger’s return was by jet airliner with two stopovers.

40 years ago

Gasahol could eventually play a major role in solving America’s energy problems but right now uses more energy to produce than it actually provides according to Larry Scott, a retired oil company researcher.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan.


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