Nevada Democrats say 36,000 turn out first days of early voting

Democrats say more than 36,000 party members turned out to vote early during President’s Day weejebd

Those were the first three days of early voting. On Sautrday, more than 18,000 voted.

A spokesman said more than half of those Democrats were first time caucus-goers who did not participate in the 2008 or 2012 cacuses.

“We are happy to see the number of energized Democrats participating in our first ever early voting period, specifically the amount of first time caucus-goers,” said state chairman William McCurdy II.

For the first time, Nevada’s Democratic Party is offering four days of early caucus voting, when voters fill out a paper ballot marking at least their top three choices for president. Those votes will be combined with in-person votes at about 2,000 precincts in caucus meetings on Saturday.

On Saturday, caucus-goers will need to attend either Carson Middle School, Eagle Valley Middle School and Pioneer High School. A complete list of which precincts caucus in which location is available on the website

Voters must show up at the precinct where they are registered to vote.

Democratic officials did not report any major problems over the weekend, but party officials were overwhelmed by long lines at some caucus sites.

About 84,000 people participated in Nevada’s Democratic presidential caucuses in 2016.


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