Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau candidates to be interviewed Monday

Legislative leadership meets Monday to interview candidates to replace Rick Combs as director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

Five people have applied for the job, three of them in-house.

Most prominent on the list is Legislative Counsel and head of the Legal Division Brenda Erdoes. Erdoes has been in that post since 1994 when she replaced Lorne Malkiewich who went on to become director. She has been with the Legal Division for over 39 years.

Also on the list are Roger Wilkerson, the head of LCB’s Administrative Division for the past seven years. Before that he was deputy legislative auditor for five years. Administration includes support functions such as facilities, technology, accounting, the legislative police, broadcast services and general services.

Marsheila Lyons, currently deputy director of the Research Division, also applied for the job. Lyons has more than 20 years in state service, 19 of that with the LCB Research Division. She is the primary policy analyst for health and human services topics at LCB.

Wayne Thorley, currently Elections Deputy in the Secretary of State’s office, applied. He has held that post under Secretary Barbara Cegavske since 2015. Thorley’s previous jobs include five years as a budget analyst in the legislative Fiscal Division and two years as a research analyst at LCB.

The fifth applicant is Joe Kolman, the only applicant from out of state. He is currently Director of Environmental Policy with the Montana Legislature since 2011. Before that Kolman was a legislative research analyst and, before that, a newspaper reporter in several cities including Billings, Mont.

The Committee to Consult With the Director, which consists of members of legislative leadership from both parties, will meet to interview the candidates on Monday beginning at 9 a.m.

Combs retired at the end of January after nearly 26 years in state service, the last 7.5 as director of LCB. The Counsel Bureau consists of about 300 permanent staff who serve the legislative branch.


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