Yikes, COVID 19 is a zoonosis disease

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Dr. Watson here, and I just happened to hear about zoonosis, which is the transmission of diseases from animals to people. The current COVID 19 virus and rabies are examples of diseases that are passed from animal to human. Reverse zoonosis is the transmission of disease from a human to an animal.

So what diseases can your pets pick up from you? Cats are very susceptible to catching colds from humans, because the virus attaches to cells in their respiratory track the same way it does in humans. Dogs, on the other hand, can catch colds from other dogs, but there isn’t evidence they can get it from you.

There are several other diseases that you can pass along to your pets. Mumps, salmonella, tuberculosis, and MRSA are transmitted from humans to pets. So, if you are ill with any of these diseases, be sure to stay away from your furry friends and don’t share your bed with them.

What about the flu? Both dogs and cats can get the flu.

There are two strains of canine influenza H3N8 and H3N2, and two strains of feline: FHV1 and FVC. The good news for humans is they can’t catch any of them.

The symptoms to watch for when your BFF (best furry friend) gets ill, are a persistent cough lasting 10-21 days, nose or eye discharge, sneezing, lethargy, loss of appetite, or fever.

If your pet does get the flu or a cold, treat him the way mom treats me. I get lots of rest, plenty of water, and she makes chicken soup for me. Dr. Watson also recommends T.L.C. and treats.

- XOXO Watson


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