Senator Square: Carson’s got game is the theme of Winterfest

CHS Honoree of Soroptimist of the Month is Kiana Martinez for September

CHS Honoree of Soroptimist of the Month is Kiana Martinez for September

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Winterfest is here, and the theme, Carson’s Got Game, is more than just a nice motto, it is a series of multiple physical board games, playground games, and video games.

“The class color teachers will be playing a game of life-size Hungry Hippo during the assembly Jan. 17, and we will be doing a door decorating competition with judging taking place Jan. 21; the top three winners will receive a gift card to Starbucks,” said CHS physical education teacher and Leadership adviser Ann Britt.

The Jan. 21 dress-up is Sweet Dreams Candyland PJ day with a Just Dance lunchtime activity in the Big Gym, and the night-time activity is a tailgate party on the north grass from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. with concessions sold and games like Corn-hole, Connect Four, Ladder Ball, and others.

Jan. 22 is college, career, or graduation.

Jan. 23 is favorite meme day.

And Jan. 24 is class color with blue, red, green, or yellow.

Jan. 22 dress up is life, graduation, profession, and college day with the lunchtime activity being bingo and the nighttime activity being a movie night at CHS in Senator Square from 7-9 p.m. with free popcorn, water, and candy, but no outside drinks or backpacks are allowed.

Jan. 23 dress up is “What do you Meme - favorite meme with the lunchtime activity being board games and the nighttime activity being board games in Senator Square from 6-8:30 p.m.

Jan. 24 dress up is Uno, class color dress up with the lunchtime activity being a pep rally and a Senator Square nighttime activity being a home basketball game against the Wooster Colts with a lights out black shirt or Winterfest shirt theme. Also, between the varsity games at half-time, will be the Crowning of the King and Queen of Winterfest.

Jan. 25 is the Winterfest dance from 7-10 p.m. in Senator Square. Tickets are on sale in Student Finance: $5 with and $7 without a student ID. Students must bring ID, and it is $15 at the door.


Next Gen Personal Finance, a non-profit committed to ensuring all students leave high school with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex financial world, is pleased to announce 94 students from across the nation received an Honorable Mention Award in their third annual Payback Challenge, and senior, Nanami Duncan, was among the scholarship winners. More than 900 students across the nation submitted essays earlier last fall. After playing the award-winning college finance game, Payback, in her Economics class with Mrs. Fagundes, Nanami wrote a 250 word essay addressing the prompt, “Write a letter to your future self that you will open after your freshman year of college, reminding you of the key skills you will need to thrive during your college years.”

Each winner will receive a $500 award from NGPF to be used for educational purposes.

“Over 200,000 students played Payback during the contest period,” said NGPF Co-Founder, Tim Ranzetta. “It was great to see the impact this game had on students’ attitudes and actions as they decide on their educational path after high school. Thanks to the educators who engaged with their students by bringing Payback to their classrooms and facilitating the amazing conversations that followed. With student debt at record levels, these conversations are more critical than ever.”


CHS teacher and FCA adviser Ty McMillen, and the CHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes, bring unforgettable guests, sometimes their very own teachers, coaches, and parents to share personal life-changing messages to inspire faith, hope, and trust in God. On Jan. 14, Toni Kiel spoke to FCA members about a life calling and how things in life do not always work out the way people, young and old alike, want them to, how sometimes things are just not fair; however, for the follower of Christ, things do work out. Kiel told a story about how his high school football coach did not show him the many scholarship recruitment letters he was receiving from colleges interested in his football skills. Once Kiel found out about the letters, most of the response dates had long since passed, and he found himself feeling desperate. However, Idaho State offered him a scholarship, and though he was not fully convinced about accepting it, some of the current and former members of the team took him out for lunch and shared with him their own experiences, so Kiel accepted the scholarship. Kiel’s point, and he referred to Christ’s disciples dropping their nets and immediately following him, was the disciples simply said yes without fully knowing what they were getting themselves into. FCA meets every Tuesday during lunch in room, 214. All are welcome to attend and receive a couple pieces of pizza…for free of course.


Honorees of Soroptimist of the Month are Kiana Martinez for September, Flor Aguilar-Ramirez for October, Coral Rosas for November, and Gabriela Avina for December. One Girl of the Month will receive the $1,000 Girl of the Year Scholarship in the spring. This monthly award is given to a current high school senior for commitment in community service, exemplary volunteerism, and her efforts to enrich the experiences of others in society, at school and at home. Carson City Soroptimist will present the Live Your Dream Award, five scholarships, and recognize four Girls of the Month during its Jan. 22 program meeting, from noon to 1 p.m. at Glen Eagles Restaurant. The meeting is open to the public with prior reservations required. There is no cost to attend, however a plated lunch with choice of entrees is available for $16. Deadline to respond is Jan. 20. Contact the club at, or call 775-297-4890 to reserve a seat and choose an entree. The club is still accepting applications for the rest of the months of the school year. Contact the counseling office at any local high school for more information.


For those who wonder and wait to see the results of CHS fundraisers, Cathie Barbie has sent in some of the results so the public may see both the success and accountability of school district fundraising events. The 2019 Carson High Craft Fair bright in a total of $21,298. According to Barbie, “We’ll meet next week to allocate stipends to the student groups who assisted, and we will be awarding senior scholarships as well.” Barbie also said, “After our meeting, I will email Senator Square a list of the student groups and the amounts each group will receive, and I will also report how much money will be given out for scholarships.” “We also donated canned food to Advocates to End Domestic Violence, and the Santa photo booth, run by the Photography class, donated their proceeds to students in need.”


Both struggling and non-struggling students have the opportunity to improve their scores and abilities in the on-campus after school tutoring program. Do not wait for a parent, teacher, or counselor to have to speak in order to decide to improve grades and academic standing in all classes. The after school program not only provides skilled tutors, it also provides snacks and bus rides home, so do not wait, advocate for yourself before it is too late.


American Literature, Journalism, and Yearbook adviser Patt Quinn-Davis says, “Hello everyone, you may help the McKinney-Vento Students in Transition Program of Carson City Schools and purchase a Christmas present for someone on your list; I have a supply of New Zealand organic honey and skin balm, and if you like both products, maybe enough to buy some for yourself also, the products are $15 each, and all proceeds go to the McKinney-Vento Program.”

Through the purchases by teachers and others of skin balm and organic New Zealand honey at Christmas, the McKinney-Vento Program received $330. Now there is Valentine’s Day. Honey for your honey? (Sorry). Skin balm and honey, $15 each. Again, all money will be donated towards a program that helps needy children in our district. Quinn-Davis has everything in her classroom, #136, for now, so come by, sample, and donate. Cash or checks are made out to CHS. For more information, please email her at


CHS is filled with the action of winter sports. The Carson community, and anyone for that matter, is always invited to come and support the CHS athletic teams and programs whether their games take place at CHS or occur elsewhere. Please see the photographs of the CHS Girls Varsity Basketball team as they continue to gain attention and move up to the top of the league in wins. Carson Girls picked up another win Jan. 14 on the road against Galena with a score of 55 to 33. According to CHS teacher Angila Golik, “The Varsity Girls Basketball team got a win on the road last night against Galena...and last night was start of Sierra League Play; we are now 1-0 in Sierra League, 11-3 overall, and we play Bishop Manogue on Friday, which will be a very tough game, and we can always use more support in the stands.” Regarding times, schedules, and locations please go to and click ‘CHS Calendar’ on the left to find out dates, times, and locations of upcoming games.


Samantha Schofield is the CHS Student of the Week. Samantha is currently enrolled in three honors classes: Leadership, Health Science, and Spanish II. Not only is she a high achieving student, Samantha said, “I run Varsity Cross Country, and I am running other events in Track and Field as well.” The CHS teacher who nominated Samantha said, “She is an ideal student in that when she is not sure about an assignment, she begins seeking answers by talking with her classmates, asking her parents, and then making an appointment with her teacher in order to discuss the item.” In her free time, Samantha said, “I like to go to Lake Tahoe and hang out with friends and family.” Congratulations to CHS Student of the Week Samantha Schofield.


James Uzzell is an example of what perseverance and motivation to succeed can look like at Pioneer High School. James started at PHS three years ago with no credits and a desire to change his direction to be successful. Fast forward to his senior year, and James is not only looking forward to graduation, but also making plans to continue his education at the University of Nevada, Reno in computer engineering and game design. His goal is to create a game that everyone will enjoy. James credits PHS for helping him be successful and overcome his fear of the future. He said, “The teachers really try to encourage students to get to school and do well.” James also credits his Jobs for American Graduates (JAG) class for helping him gain the confidence to go after his goals and continue his education at UNR. “Thanks to JAG, I now have my future planned out, and all I have to do is follow the steps they taught me.” When this semester ends, James will have earned his third semester of ‘Straight As’. The teachers and staff at PHS are proud of the great strides James has accomplished over the past few years and anticipate hearing about his great success in the future. ~ Contributed by PHS counselor Cary Jordan.

Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS.


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