Scam/identity theft attempt alert for Carson, Churchill, Lyon, Douglas and Storey counties

Yellow scam alert road sign

Yellow scam alert road sign

Update: NHRA released this statement on Friday:

On January 23, 2020, NRHA reported a complaint about an identity theft attempt in Lyon County in relation to the NRHA Weatherization Program. The issue has been resolved. NRHA would like to still remind the public that NRHA does not solicit its program door-to-door. If you experience suspicious activity by a person requesting personal information, or if you believe you’ve been a victim of a crime, please contact your local law enforcement.


The Nevada Rural Housing Authority is warning residents of an unauthorized individual posing as a NRHA employee.

The person is going door-to-door using a copy of Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s Weatherization Program application in an attempt to collect personally identifiable information including Social Security, bank, and other financial information.

NRHA administers the Weatherization Program, providing qualifying households in Carson City, Churchill, Lyon, Douglas and Storey counties with services relating to home energy efficiency.

The person attempted to collect sensitive information in Lyon County.

The incident has been reported to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, which is now investigating the incident. Nevada Rural Housing Authority does not solicit applications for the Weatherization program door-to-door. If someone has approached you, or if you believe you’ve been a victim of a crime, contact local law enforcement.


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