What to expect for Carson High graduation, materials collection Saturday

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Carson High School’s graduation on Saturday won’t be the typical ceremony for the Class of 2020.

Graduates, students, families and friends preparing for the end of the school year and graduation itself planning to attend Saturday’s activities should plan in advance for new procedures due to social distancing guidelines, according to communications from high school Principal Gavin Ward.

Saturday’s graduation will recognize seniors through a personal experience, Ward’s letter states to families, in a drive-in fashion. The ceremony will take place in groups. Students with last names A to D will be honored at 8 a.m. with lineup no earlier than 7 a.m.; students with last names E to L will be honored at 10:30 a.m. with lineup no earlier than 9:30 a.m.; students with last names M to R will be honored at 1 p.m. with lineup no earlier than noon; and students with last names S to Z will be honored at 3:30 p.m. with lineup no earlier than 2:30 p.m. Graduation is expected to close at 5 p.m.

The school will post a virtual graduation video to be posted on its website by Friday night and will feature speeches by Ward, senior class president Chloe Walt, valedictorian Kai Chen and Jump Start valedictorian Maryn Myler; a performance of the National Anthem by the school’s Honor Choir; a slide submitted by each student; a farewell message from teachers and administrators; and the Senior Song.

All vehicles must have a permit in the window and are asked not to arrive earlier than the time indicated on their permit in the windshield.

  1. Graduates will enter the South Parking lot via Robinson. The vehicles will then follow the established lines proceeding out onto Saliman, into the loop, through the northwest parking lot, into the northeast parking lot, across the front of the stage.
  2. Graduates will have their colored paper with name and time, displayed in the front passenger side window. Graduates should be seated on the passenger side for safe, easy access to the stage.
  3. Graduates will then pull to the curb and exit the vehicle from the passenger side, with the colored paper in hand. The graduate will exit the car.
  4. Graduates will be given a supplied mask and proceed in line, to the stage.
  5. Student will place the colored vehicle paper (with phonetic name spelling) in the box provided (near the podium), then walk across the stage
  6. A CCSD School Board trustee or CHS administrator will hand the graduate their diploma cover. Graduate images will capture the special moment for the graduates. (The family is welcome to take pictures from the vehicle).
  7. A second vehicle will have to be pre-approved and a colored paper, sent to that address, must be displayed in the front window on the passenger side. Both vehicles will need to arrive together.
  8. Graduates will receive the diploma as they exit the stage.
  9. Grad returns to the vehicle and then proceeds to the exit.
  10. The school campus is closed. No one is allowed on grass areas. Only vehicles with graduation permits are allowed near campus grounds at this time.
  11. Only graduates will exit the car. School administrators are asking all friends and family members to remain in their vehicle at all times during the parade and ceremony for the safety of all involved.

To collect materials for the end of the year, vehicles for the drive-in ceremony itself on Saturday will be directed to enter through the south parking area on Robinson Street, with band, orchestra, choir and Reserved Officer Training Course material dropoff to turn right toward the ROTC building. All other cars will be directed toward the CHS Tech Center and will exit right onto Saliman. Drivers will turn right to enter the front entrance main loop and items can be dropped off as noted by signs. Otherwise, vehicles will be directed to exit onto Saliman.

Physical education items will be prebagged by teachers. Anything not claimed will be stored until the fall. Families will be directed to exit past the baseball field with a right-turn only on Saliman toward the U.S. 50.

Students with items remaining in a locker can park in the northeast lot and enter through the north doors to pick up their locker items, remaining mindful of social distancing protocols at all times. Entrance into the school will remain limited to 10 students at a time.

Unclaimed items will be removed and donated.


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