Nevada officials OK major Medicaid, K-12 and criminal history contracts

The Board of Examiners on Tuesday approved a $133.4 million increase in the contract to manage Nevada’s Medicaid Management Information System. That raises the total cap on the contract with DXC MS to $556.25 million.

The state pays just a quarter of that amount. The federal government pays 75 percent of the cost.

In addition the board approved a $36.2 million contract with Unisys Corp., to provide programming for the new Nevada Criminal Justice Information System.

Ninety percent of that cost will be paid by fees.

The board consisting of Gov. Steve Sisolak, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and Attorney General Aaron Ford also approved six contracts totaling $13.99 million to support K-12 education programs in the state.

The majority of the money was for the contract with Data Recognition Corp., to support the Nevada Ready Student Assessment System — $10.16 million. That brings the maximum total for that program to $63.98 million. Related contracts for $1.7 million to Norwest Evaluation Association and $1.18 million to Emetric Longitudinal Data deal with student accountability as well.

The majority of the funding for those contracts comes from the federal government. The student assessment contract, however, is a 50-50 split between state and federal funding.


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