Peaceful protest brings sides together

In what began as an across-the-street debate of the Black Lives Matter movement ended cordially June 8 as both factions met near the end of a three-hour rally with hugs and agreement on similar topics and causes including an end to racism.

According to Churchill County Sheriff Richard Hickox, the Black Lives Matter group assembled at Millennium Park, and another group of local residents who favored the Second Amendment, President Trump and police gathered on the southwest and southeast corners of Maine Street and Williams Avenue. Hickox said several men who brought weapons wanted to ensure businesses were protected.

“Actually, it went really,” Hickox said.

Hickox said the CCSO estimated about 165 people attended the rally which included about 60 to 65 local residents. He said both the CCSO and Fallon Police Department had officers in the area.

Near the end of the three hours, Hickox said two men appeared, wearing homemade Ku Klux Klan hoods and carrying a Trump sign. Hickox said the Fallon Police, along with both groups, ran the men off.

Hickox said he was informed both men were not from Fallon, but the sheriff’s office has been unable to confirm identities.


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