Letters to the Editor for June 27, 2020

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We need harmony

All labeling whether black, white, mentally ill, right-wing, left-wing, have all invoked prejudice, stereotyping and ill feelings throughout history. As James McBride states in his book, “The

Color of Water,” is what all races are. We are humankind, homo-sapiens.

If a description is necessary, let it be African American, Native American, Asian American, Latino/Hispanic, Irish American or Caucasian and so on.

Read a few chapters in “A Course in Miracles.” We need to adapt our speech in a more compassionate and understanding way to project a kinder response in all peoples.

Today’s upheavals reflect in a poem written years ago by Richard Rive, Cape Town, South Africa, titled, “Where The Rainbow Ends.”

He describes a song not being a black tune or a white tune. But the coming together of races to include the end result — music. He goes on to say, “There’s only music brother, And it’s music we’re going to sing, Where the rainbow ends.”

But first we need harmony. Harmony has to come from all parties involved. Everyone has to contribute to a more peaceful world.

Watch your language, watch your behavior, and peacefully act.

Ann Burke

Carson City

Thank you to Carson Tahoe staff

A very huge, long-overdue thank you to the first responders (Derek, the phlebotomist; Ramona, the nurse; and Peggy making the "Code Blue" call) and especially to Dr. De Schutter and his emergency room team for saving my husband's life from cardiac arrest on Jan. 31, at Carson Tahoe Hospital.

Truly a miracle! He is now back to normal.

Audrey Stroub

Carson City

Michael Hohl Motor Co., goes above

Ever since we bought a GMC Yukon from Michael Hohl Motor Co., in 2005, we have returned to the dealership for service. Because we keep our vehicles a long time — we also own a 2001 GMC pickup — we value a first-class repair and parts facility capable of delivering what every service customer wants: reliable transportation. 

My recent experience with Michael Hohl’s service involved repairing and replacing a gearshift mechanism for the pickup. As usual, the service writer did an excellent job informing me about options, warned me that finding the part might take some detective work, and promised to keep me informed. He called the next day to let me know they tracked down the part, had it shipped to his technicians, and got my truck back in just a couple of days.

On every trip to the Michael Hohl shop I find everyone, including the porters, the technicians, and all the staff in the vicinity making sure I’m being helped. If I have to wait, the customer lounge is comfortable, quiet, and always has coffee available.

I have probably dealt with almost all of the service writers over the years and I’m still impressed at how well they communicate. Keeping up this level of first rate communication over 15 years is, to me, service excellence. Thank you, Michael Hohl.

Lynn Muzzy


With gratitude

Thank you for the vote of confidence in electing me as the next Ward 4 Supervisor. I am thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to serve.
As someone who grew up in Carson, I understand why people love this area and want to see it protected. My goal is to promote collaboration, innovation, and build on our strong sense of community. I've been speaking with department heads, reading and studying the city's strategic and master plans, and listening in on the different city committee and board meetings to further prepare for the supervisor role I’ll be assuming in January.
Differing perspectives are important, and whether you voted for me or not, I invite everyone to share your ideas, suggestions, concerns, and questions by emailing electlisaschuette@gmail.com or calling 775-671-2413.

Although our community will be faced with tough decisions in the months ahead, we also have the opportunity to be innovative and resourceful in order to help our local businesses recover and thrive.

I look forward to being a part of this positive journey as we work together for Carson City.

Again, thank you.

Lisa Schuette

Carson City

Ward 4 Supervisor-elect

Teri Vance is a gift to Carson City

I am very happy that I live in Carson City and that we have the most amazing journalist who shares her wonderful opinions and articles with us in the Nevada Appeal.

Whenever Teri Vance writes anything, I make sure I take the time to read every word of her work. She just wrote the most beautiful piece which was on the front page of Wednesday’s newspaper, as it should be.

During this stressful time of coronavirus and social and political unrest, it is so uplifting to see stories that talk about love, caring and beauty as this article does. While many people are missing out on the social gatherings and relaxing and sharing time with their friends this reminds us of the deepest and most important things about living.

I hope that those of you reading this letter are able to feel connections with friends, family, neighbors and pets. I hope that you are not feeling isolated and lonely. If you are, say hello to your mail carrier. (Mine is Miles and I always say “Hi” when I see him!) Wave to your neighbors who are working in their gardens! Reach out and know you are not alone!

This article reminded me of how precious life is and to share my gratitude with those that I love. I am truly blessed with family, friends and co-workers who fulfill me and brighten my life.

Thank you, Teri for brightening all of our lives with your wonderful work!

Victoria Williams

Carson City


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