Update: Governor's office releases more information on essential and non-essential businesses

Bryan Wachter of the Retail Association of Nevada says they, like members of the media and others, are still trying to figure out exactly what the definitions of essential and non-essential businesses are.

Gov. Steve Sisolak Tuesday evening directed all non-essential businesses in Nevada to shut down for the month but gave only general information about which businesses those are. An email asking the governor’s office for clarification got no response Wednesday.

Sisolak did specifically direct bars and restaurants to close down. Restaurants can continue delivery and take out service but stand-alone bars were ordered to close effective at noon today.

Wachter said the retail association is waiting for more specific guidance from the state so the association can better advise a wide variety of member businesses on what to do.


He said in the meantime, they are asking members to “look at their business model” and determine whether they should close or reduce operations. He said they can do many things including limit the number of people in a store at any one time or highlight delivery and in-store pickup of merchandise to reduce exposure to customers and employees.

He said other state associations across the country report similar issues in defining essential beyond the obvious: public safety, health care providers, grocery stores, pharmacies and the like.


He said the association is working with member businesses to ensure Nevada’s supply chain remains intact so that necessary products continue to be available to those who need them. But right now, he said consumers are buying items like cleaning supplies and toilet paper faster than retailers can restock.

He urged people to focus their purchases on what they need, rather than buying for months worth of supplies.


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