Faith & Insight: Fast forward

Last week, I asked my wife Peggy, “Where’s the Fast-Forward button on this COVID lockdown?”

She knew immediately what I was referring to.

The majority of television programs that we watch are pre-recorded on our DVR. When we want to watch, we view the recorded programs and fast-forward through the commercials, which can be over 4 minutes between segments.

I can think of other times in my life when I wanted to fast-forward…

When I was 15 years old and wanted to be 16 for so I could get my driver’s license, or when I was in Air Force basic training and wanted to fast-forward out of Lackland AFB, or in 1995 when we were waiting for escrow to close so we could move our congregation into the church building that we had purchased.

We all have difficult/trying times when we wish we could fast-forward through them.

As parents have probably heard the familiar impatient words from our kids as we drive, “Are we there yet?”

The biblical book of James tells us that “The testing of our faith produces patience” and encourages us to “Let patience (perseverance) finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” ~ James 1:3-4.

The development of patience in our lives is a good thing. Patience working in us matures us. Patience is a hallmark of a mature believer.

When we are impatient, we try to get away from where we are, we want things to change, on our time table.

My friend and mentor Jerry Cook described “patience” as "The choice to be content with God’s agenda, and be at peace with God’s pace."

In other words, to be “good” with God’s plans and workings, AND to be at peace with God’s timing as well.

Looking to what God is doing “in us” and welcoming that process, can give us a very different perspective on things. Patience helps us discover the evidence of his presence, and helps us embrace his agenda.

Patience helps us know that God is present and working in the midst of our journey, as we can easily miss the experiences of the journey when we are focused on the destination.


Louis J. Locke is founding pastor of Fountainhead Foursquare Church in Carson City.


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