2020 Primary election: U.S. Representative in Congress District 2: Republicans

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Candidates Joel Beck and Jesse Douglas Hurley didn’t respond to Nevada News Group’s request to participate.

Mark Amodei

Occupation: U.S. Representative in Congress

Contact: https://amodeifornevada.com/

Record of Service:

Advocating for Nevada’s self-determination, the protection of our resources, and the ability for all Nevadans to earn a living;

Supporting legislation to lower healthcare premiums, protect people with preexisting conditions, and increase people’s access to quality and affordable care;

Supporting landmark tax reform legislation that delivered widespread relief to Nevadans, simplified our tax filing system, and gave job creators increased potential for reinvestment and growth;

Fighting for responsible solutions that would offer comprehensive fixes to our nation’s broken immigration system and help to secure our border; and

Upholding my commitment to our veterans by voting to increase funding for veterans’ services every year since I’ve been elected.


With the challenges the 117th Congress is going to face in just about nine months, Nevada is going to need someone who knows their way around The Hill, is familiar with the process, and who has stepped up to deliver for Nevada during the biggest economic and health crisis of our lifetimes. I ask for your support based on my solid record before and during this crisis. Although the road ahead will be filled with difficult choices and hard work, we’ve already accomplished so much together, and I’m confident we can continue making a difference for the Silver State.

I’ve grown up seeing how hard Nevadans work to provide for their families and I still see people like that today. I understand the unique needs of Nevada’s Second District and will always do right by our state and for the hardworking folks I’ve been fortunate enough to serve.

I remain focused on the thoughts and concerns of Nevadans and will continue supporting policies that will: lower taxes, cut job-crippling regulations, increase funding for our veterans, keep the promises we’ve made to our nation’s seniors, increase access to quality and affordable healthcare, and offer meaningful solutions to the challenges facing the West.

I’m committed to improving the lives of my constituents by solving issues the old-fashioned way – listening to the concerns of Nevadans, keeping an open dialogue, and always explaining why I voted the way I did.


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