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Lucid is coming into Winnemucca with a philanthropic push to help the displaced workers of the community.

In this time of crisis and chaos, a beacon shines through to bring entertainment, compassion and light hearted fun to a community. This is the story of a company coming into town and raising money for their new location, a story that is not often told. A story that is taking place right now, in Winnemucca, Nevada.

Lucid Cannabis originally based in Washington State, is expanding into Nevada. Their first stop is Winnemucca, and Lucid is bound and determine to help this charming community in its time of need. This Saturday in tandem with the National Grassroots Broadcasting Network, Lucid is hosting a Virtual Concert Series featuring the acclaimed Josh Hoyer to raise money for the displaced workers of Winnemucca, Nevada. I was able to catch up with Josh before his concert and ask him a few questions about himself and this amazing opportunity.

What first got you into music? 

Josh Hoyer: I guess music has always just been a part of me. My parents said I was always dancing and singing as young as a toddler. During grade school it was the one place I always felt free and welcome, and it's always been "home" to me. I have never not been into music, I guess.

Who are your biggest influences? 

Josh Hoyer: Honestly, my biggest influences have most always been local musicians here in Lincoln, NE. I mean, I have a pretty extensive record collection, and all those artists have impacted my sound, from Pearl Jam to Pink Floyd, to Prince. But, the people who really encouraged me, and taught me first hand, were all these great people in Lincoln. We have a pretty wonderful music scene of people that truly want to help each other learn and grow. There were some fantastic Blues players here that really turned me on as a player. To name a few, Magic Slim and his brother Nick Holt, Sean Benjamin, Jim Cidlik and Jason Davis. Most of the musicians and the scene that I really grew up in here in Lincoln, revolved around the ZOO Bar. The ZOO is a fantastic little Blues dive bar that's been open for 46 years. They've had everyone from Albert Collins, to Buddy Guy, to Koko Taylor to current Blues and roots bands. Seeing these great artists play from the heart night after night in a tiny club that holds 120 people max, definitely lit a fire in my spirit as well.

 How do you feel about being selected to perform in this effort to help the displaced workers of Winnemucca, Nevada during this difficult time? 

In times of distress and shared suffering, I feel it is our deepest obligation to help one another. In turn, I am honored to be helping the good people of Winnemucca. We have traveled through town many times on the road, and wish nothing but the best for everybody. I hope the music is uplifting to the residents and also helps bring in some significant donations!

How do you feel about Lucid offering the opportunity to musicians to perform in this Virtual Concert series nationwide? 

I have a huge amount of gratitude for Lucid putting this series together. This is exactly the type of corporate compassion that is needed in our current crisis and shines a light on how we can work together to help each other in the future. It's my honor to work with them and I am so thankful they value live music as a way to bring people together and do good for communities. I have a strong belief that music and charity are kindred spirits. That bond is now joined by a business that has the same mission and commitment to their neighbors. Very cool!

This is a story that warms your heart and brightens your soul. I look forward to seeing more from Lucid and their noble business expansions. Rural communities and small towns need a voice and our support; stories like this need to be told. Watch the Lucid Virtual Concert Series featuring Josh Hoyer Saturday May 9th at 7pm with your ConnectedTV apps on Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, along with others. Please contribute to the Displaced Workers of Winnemucca by going to the Winnemucca Rotary Facebook page. Lucid, NGBN, and the citizens of Winnemucca, thank you.


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