Western Nevada College News & Notes: Flex classes offered for Fall 2020

Flexibility is the new rage for college students.

And why not?

Imagine that it is raining and you don’t feel like driving to your 8 a.m. class at Western Nevada College. Good news is, you have another option — remain in the safety and comfort of your home and join your class virtually.

Yes, WNC now has that flexibility option for students for some classes for the fall 2020 semester.

Welcome to the world of flex classes: Students can attend the classes in person or online using live-streaming video technology such as Zoom or Hangouts at a designated time.

Some of the classes available for this mode of instruction include various Mathematics courses; a Holocaust, Peace and Genocide Studies class; a couple of CISCO Technologies classes and Environmental Science.

More classes are being added weekly. Check out the Fall Semester flex class schedule at https://www.wnc.edu/class-schedule/.

WNC Nationally Recognized for Reasonable Tuition Costs

Western Nevada College has been recognized as one of the top 50 colleges

and universities in the country for cheapest tuition costs for students.

University HQ, an independent education organization that provides students

necessary resources to prepare and plan their higher education, rated WNC

No. 15 with tuition and fees at $3,277 for in-state students and $7,190 for

out-of-state students.

Besides tuition costs, University HQ also considered factors that made these

schools unique and beneficial to students. University HQ believes strongly

that educational costs in the form of tuition expenses and post-graduate

student debt are important issues in American education. These rankings provide students information about access to high quality low-cost education, both on campus and online.

South Georgia State College topped the rankings and WNC's Nevada System of Higher Education sister school, Great Basin College, was rated No. 14. To review the rankings, go to https://universityhq.org/best-colleges/rankings/cheapest-colleges.

More Summer Classes Available; Semester Starts June 8

Keep your momentum going from spring semester by enrolling in summer semester classes. There are many more classes to choose from this year.

Consider getting ahead or catching up on your degree requirements by taking classes in history, mathematics, sociology, psychology, accounting, English, EMS, American Sign Language, art, biology, business administration, economics and more. For a full list of classes, go to www.wnc.edu/class-schedule/.

Advisers are available Monday through Friday to help students prepare for college. Students who have not attended WNC before can start by applying for admission at wnc.edu/starthere/.

The summer session begins June 8, with fall classes starting on Aug. 31.

Area High Schools to Offer WNC Education Classes

Western Nevada College education classes EDU 110: Society & Education and EDU 112: Education Internship will be taught as dual-credit classes in Smith Valley, Carson and Dayton high schools in the fall.

These classes are designed to introduce students to the resources of WNC and expectations of a college student while learning about the role schools play in today's society. The affiliate teachers and WNC instructor Sarah Lobsinger are using Zoom to prepare curriculum and instructional materials before starting school in the fall.

It's not too late for other high schools to join the network and offer these classes. If interested, please contact Lobsinger at Sarah.lobsinger@wnc.edu.

Student Succeeds with Help from CREST Program

Steven Mendonca came into WNC without an end goal. He decided to enroll into the College Readiness for Students in Transition (CREST) program to help with his transition from high school to college.

CREST is a DETR-VR grant-funded program for transition-aged DSS students. He had struggled with reading and writing in high school and wanted to improve his skills while he explored his college and career options. Steven is now excelling in English 102 and has found a strong writing voice.

He also praises the CREST program for helping to learn good note-taking skills and the CREST tutors for helping him through math and English. Steven also states that the CREST program helped him with self-advocacy and making friends at college. He is a stronger student and believes the CREST program helps students to navigate the college experience while supporting each one with individualized services that promote academic and emotional well-being.

Steven is still exploring his career options but believes he will choose something in the teaching or social work field. He is excited to see where the future takes him and believes the CREST program has not only prepared him to succeed in college but also in the work and social world.

Test Your Trivia Knowledge vs. Other Families on May 21

Remember to join Western Nevada College Foundation and NSHE Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges Nate Mackinnon on May 21 at 6:30 p.m. for a memorable evening of virtual family fun.

From the comfort of your own living room, you can test your family’s knowledge, compete for fun prizes and interact with your community virtually in the No-Brainer Virtual Family Trivia Night, supporting the COVID-19 student emergency fund.

All ages are welcome! Only 30 teams are available. The cost is $30 per team; $50 for a team and 20 raffle tickets; or $350 for a team, 50 raffle tickets, 8 T-shirts, 8 drink tumblers and a recognition letter and appreciation certificate from WNC President Dr. Vincent Solis. Sold separately, raffle tickets are $5 and T-shirts are $20. Compete against other teams for first- and second-place prizes. There will be many more chances to win raffle prizes and have a ton of fun with other area families — all while staying home for Nevada! Proceeds benefit WNC emergency funding, which allows the WNC Foundation to help students and faculty who are facing challenges resulting from measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Sign up today by emailing Foundation@WNC.edu, calling 775-445-3239 or visiting the foundation website at wnc.edu/foundation.


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