Lawmakers create committee to advise on use of coronavirus money

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The legislative Interim Finance Committee voted Thursday to form a subcommittee to review and advise Gov. Steve Sisolak on the use of federal coronavirus money pouring into the state.

The Board of Examiners and IFC have already accepted just about $1 billion in federal pandemic relief funding, the vast majority in a $836 million package accepted a week ago.

Members of IFC were emphatic last week that they receive thorough reports on the use of all that money. Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton, D-Las Vegas, who chairs IFC, said it’s important lawmakers know how the cash is being distributed, the amounts to each recipient and how it’s being spent. She said the Legislature should have a say in the priorities for the money and be able to hold recipients accountable for its use.

She said the 12-member subcommittee will give lawmakers the ability to weigh in.

“We need to assert ourselves and collaborate with the governor on how to use these funds,” she said.

Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, D-Las Vegas, was named chairman of the subcommittee. The Assembly Democrats on the panel are Teresa Benitez Thompson of Reno, Daniele Monroe-Moreno of North Las Vegas, Sandra Jauregui of Las Vegas. Assembly Republican members are Jill Tolles of Reno and Tom Roberts of Las Vegas.

Senate Democrats appointed are Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro of Las Vegas, Chris Brooks of Las Vegas, Yvanna Cancella of Las Vegas and Joyce Woodhouse of Henderson. Republican Senators on the panel are Ben Kieckhefer of Reno and Pete Goicoechea of Eureka.


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