Class of 2020 reflects on the year

Autumn Sponsler

Autumn Sponsler

Neil Marran, who plans on attending UNR to become a music teacher:

“My favorite memory from high school was the last day that we actually went to school. March 13 was my final day of school. I went with a couple friends and during my 7th block band class (which we had a break day in) we went to oats park and played volleyball. It was a great unknown last day.

Tyler Woolsey, who was accepted into the diesel mechanics program at TMCC and is also considering joining the U.S. Navy:

“My favorite memory from high school would be working on the derby cars. Although we didn’t get to finish them that was the best project ever. I was really look forward to finishing our derby car and drag truck in auto class and having our demolition derby. That was going to be so much fun.”

Maria Whitaker, who plans on attending BYU and majoring in International Relations with a focus on humanitarian action:

“My favorite memory from high school is when I had the opportunity to perform at the 2020 state basketball game with on the Precision Dance Team. It was an exciting end to the team’s first season. After the performance, I remember feeling grateful to live in such a supportive community and to be surrounded by teammates who made me want to be a better person.”

Autumn Sponsler, who is finishing her associate’s and plans on completing her master’s in forensic sciences:

“I have had so many but being a part of state championships for football and basketball for several years in a row, with my fellow cheerleaders. Also being invited to the Holiday bowl in San Diego with my cheer squad. The community helped us reach our goal to get there. It was an amazing experience.”

Jenna Stewart, who plans on attending beauty school:

“My favorite memory from high school is last year’s graduation. Mr. Fleming is one of my biggest role models, and to see him get the Lifetime Achievement award and just experience his last year with him was awesome.”

Travis Beauregard, who plans on attending WNC and then transferring to UNR and playing in the marching band:

“My favorite memory would probably have to be going on my band trip to Disneyland. This would be my favorite memory because I had the time of my life with some of my closest friends and I got to play music which is one of my favorite things to do. I have to thank Mr. Fleming for that great experience because he really put it all together and gave me my favorite high school memory.”

Caleb Haynes, who plans on moving to Laramie, Wyo., to study diesel mechanics and business management:

“My favorite and most memorable time in high school was during my sophomore year getting the chance to be a teacher assistant for Richard Evans' senior auto class. I made so many new friends that have been there for me ever since and I am so thankful for them. every day in that class helped me deal with all the issues I had going on at that time, that was the most memorable class every single day.”

Morgan Lawry, who plans to attend Rocky Mountain College (Billings, Mont.) and study environmental science and compete in track and field:

“My favorite memory from high school would have to be the track season of my sophomore year. It was my first year doing the event that I fell in love with which is Pole Vault. It was the year I signed that death waver and start to aim for the stars.”

Bella Jones, who plans on attending Sierra College to pursue an associate’s degree in kinesiology and play softball:

“One of my favorite memories was being a manager for the football team the past two years and to share a state championship with the boys that I’ve grown up with and see how dedicated they are to their sport. My favorite memory of high school is my sophomore year; I was a part of winning a state softball championship. When the final out was made, everyone rushed into the infield and almost ended in a dog pile.”

Jhada Ramsey, who plans on attending Grand Rapids Community College to study pre-criminal justice:

“My favorite memories are the bus rides and hotel stays with the sports teams. That is how I became close with some of my best friends and could just enjoy my time laughing with people I liked. I will miss the crazy lunch trips with underclassmen and the game-day hype up music. I made the best of my high school career and I will cherish these memories.”

Makenzee Moretto, who plans on attending college to study education and compete in basketball:

“My favorite memory from high school is making varsity basketball my junior year. Everything that happened that year has pushed me to be a better player. I became a captain my junior year on varsity and I have embraced this position and love inspiring my teammates, keeping everyone together, and maintaining a positive attitude. It was a great learning experience and I learned a lot by playing with girls that taught me a lot and were great teammates. That year my team and I even got the chance to win state. Winning state and seeing my teammates so happy was one of the best memories of my high school career.”


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