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COVID monitoring

Naval Air Station Fallon and Nevada National Guard installations continue to monitor the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis.

To help prevent the potential spread of the virus among visitors to the Navy installations, security forces have "no-touch" ID checks at all access points onto and within the installations.

Personnel accessing the installations and other entry control points should be prepared to maintain possession of their IDs while the gate guards view or scan them for access verification.

According to Navy guidelines, HPCON C coincides with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warning level 3 that indicates sustained community transmission. NAS Fallon has been implementing the measures formalized by HPCON C to include strict hygiene (no handshaking, wipe common-use items); social distancing, postponing or cancelling non-essential activities and avoiding large groups of more than 10 people.

DOD directive on face coverings

Service members and civilians are required to wear face coverings at all Department of Defense installations including those in Northern Nevada and Mono County, Calif., to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

NAS Fallon essential and nonessential services and tenants:

The commissary, Navy Exchange, gas station and micromart, medical (including dental and pharmacy), housing office, Fleet and Family Support Center, DEERS ID card office, Pass and Decal office, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, legal assistance (active-duty only) and the Child Development Center and School Age Care are open.

Commissary hours

Doors open for everyone at 9 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Every patron must have an official ID card. Guests will not be allowed.

Child Youth Programs

As we look to reconstitute the workforce at NAS Fallon in order to return to full operational status, families that modified their childcare arrangements for the pandemic may want to return to having their children enrolled in the Child Youth Programs.

In this regard, the CYP needs to assess the demand for childcare. Any tenant commands that will be reconstituting the workforce and have additional active duty personnel that will require on-base child care need to ensure they have the mission essential child care request form endorsed by their command to present to the CYP.

If any personnel have any questions, contact the CDC front desk at 775-426-3808.

The Nevada Department of Veterans Services

For those seeking the assistance of a Veterans Service Officer (VSO), call 702-830-2000 and a VSO telephone call will be arranged.


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