Secretary of State: Lyon, Humboldt mail-in ballot materials contain errors

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske said the state has found errors on mail-in ballot materials in Lyon and Humboldt counties.

She emphasized that the errors are in the materials with the ballots, not with the ballots themselves.

In Lyon County, she said the instruction sheet incorrectly states that only immediate family members can drop off the ballot in person. She said that was the law until lawmakers changed it in the August special legislative session. AB4 allows any other person to return a ballot on some one’s behalf.

In Humboldt County, the voter declaration printed on the ballot return envelope incorrectly refers to White Pine County instead of Humboldt. Those two counties had their ballot materials printed by the same vendor and that vendor failed to change the reference to White Pine County.

Cegavske said all other information on the ballot envelope is correct including the return address for the Humboldt County Clerk. She said that means ballots already mailed using the incorrect envelope will be delivered to the correct county clerk.

In both counties, officials are reprinting the materials containing the incorrect statements and will send corrected materials to all active registered voters along with a letter explaining what happened.

She said the actual ballots mailed to voters are correct and can be used by voters who want to vote by mail. Those voters choosing to use the incorrect envelope can cross out White Pine and replace it with Humboldt if they wish but that isn’t necessary because the clerk’s address is correct..


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