Trick-or-treating at Governor's Mansion in Carson City canceled

Gov. Steve and First Lady Kathy Sisolak have canceled the annual mansion trick-or-treating activities this year.

“At this time, the Nevada governor’s mansion is experiencing low staffing levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, in an effort to keep staff and visitors safe, the annual Halloween festivities at the mansion will not take place this year,” they said in a statement.

They said holding the annual event takes “robust staffing.” That’s not possible this year since a good share of the governor’s Northern Nevada staff is quarantining because one staffer tested positive for the virus. Ironically, that staffer was Caleb Cage, director of the governor’s coronavirus task force.

“The First Lady and I are disappointed that the annual Halloween trick-or-treating event at the mansion will not be able to take place this year.”

He said the decision was made to protect not only the limited staff at the mansion but all Nevadans who would normally bring their children to the mansion. He said they are looking forward to welcoming everyone back next year.

This year, Halloween will be on Friday, Oct. 30 in Carson City, not Oct. 31.

For about 20 years, Halloween has been celebrated on the traditional Oct. 31.

Before 2000, the Nevada Day Parade was always on Oct. 31 — the anniversary of the state’s admission to the union, and, coincidentally, Halloween.

In order to keep the children out of the way of any revelers drunk with state pride, trick-or-treating was moved to Oct. 30.

When the 1999 Legislature decided to observe Nevada Day on the last Friday in October and the Nevada Day Parade on the last Saturday of the month, Halloween returned to being celebrated on Oct. 31.

When Halloween and the parade both fall on Saturday, Oct. 31, as they did recently, trick-or-treating moves to Oct. 30.

It will move to Oct. 30 again in 2026 and 2037.


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