Carson City Republicans and Democrats release joint statement on vandalism

The Carson City Republican and the Carson City Democratic Central Committees condemn the recent vandalism and sign thefts occurring in our town recently. Neither of these acts helps or advances the political agendas of either party and in fact hurts the overall political process for selecting our political leaders.

We both truly hope that the vandalism and sign thefts stop. It is a drain on our police and city resources, resources which should be directed towards more important problems in our community. Additionally, both offices have spent large amounts of money installing security systems and camera systems which should not be required in a safe and secure city.

Both parties encourage their members and the public to refrain from acts of violence and hate that does nothing but damage the reputation of the parties involved. We hope that people remember that breaking a window or stealing a sign will not change minds, but peaceful discourse and discussion will.

Paul Strasser                                                 

Chairman, Carson City Republican Party   

Michael Greedy

 Chairman, Carson City Democrat Party


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