NIAA moves high school sports into phase 3

In a statement released just after noon Friday, the NIAA announced that it would be moving into Phase 3, meaning new modifications have been made toward the reintroduction of competition.

As Gov. Steve Sisolak has loosened restrictions on youth and adult recreation sports, the NIAA is continuing to update its guidelines for high school sports.

Previously in phase 2, minimal contact sports weren’t allowed to return to any competition.

In Phase 3, only high-risk sports – football, wrestling and basketball – are currently not allowed to resume competition.

“It also allows for competition in what the directive categorizes as ‘minimal-contact sports’ and moves a step closer to the possibility of competition in ‘full-contact and close contact sports,’” read the NIAA statement. “Competition in minimal-contact sports, those sports designated as ‘moderate transmission risk sports’ in the original NIAA Guidance, was not allowed in Phase 2 of that guidance.”

Phase 3 will maintain the same restrictions for the safety of the athletes and coaches involved. Even with high-risk sports competition still off the table for a return at the moment, the NIAA admitted it was a step in the right direction for those three sports to return to action once play resumes in January.

A link to the full press release can be found by clinking here.


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