Me and Ow queens of the laptop

I recently received a cute photo from my friend Renee who is presently working at home. The photo was of her cats Me and Ow lounging on her laptop. Renee was a bit exasperated because moving the cats has become a regular chore. They have taken up residence on her lap and laptop. The caption of the photo was “Why me?”

There actually is a biological reason her cats are drawn to her lap and laptop. They like warmth. Cats have a built-in thermo neutral zone, which is between 86-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Within this temperature range, they don’t have to generate heat to stay warm or expend energy to cool off.

They also crave warmth, because they’re descended from desert animals. Cats have been hardwired to thrive when and where they are toasty. Even with their fur coats, cats still seek out warm environments like sunny window ledges, heat vents, and laptops.

Because cats like temperatures much warmer than humans do, they spend their days moving from heat source to heat source. Me and Ow have found Nirvana between a warm lap and a warm laptop. They also appreciate attention and getting attention is a major part of their behavior. This means that each and every time Me or Ow are moved from the laptop, they are getting attention from Renee, which is a form of reward.

If you have “cats on the laptop problems,” you can set up a heated comfy spot for them to hangout. Use treats to get your cats moving to the comfy spot and give them a treat every time they go there. This will reinforce that area, and they will gravitate to it.

I suspect Me and Ow will remain queens of the lap and laptop, because they are the queens of Renee’s heart.


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