Nevada driver’s license renewals available online

The system allowing most Nevadans to renew licenses and ID cards online is up and running

DMV Director Julie Butler said there are as many as 75,000 Nevadans eligible to use the service. It also helps DMV serve those who need a vehicle registration or other services more quickly by reducing in-person visits for those needing a simple renewal.

Nevadans who received a four-year card at their last renewal will get an eight year card if they are under 65. The fee is $42.25 for a license and $22.50 for an ID card. Late fees have been waived through Jan. 31.

Those not eligible are holders of instruction permits, commercial driver’s licenses and any license with a term of less than four years. Those with more than three moving violations since their last renewal also have to appear in person.

Drivers over age 65 get an automatic one-year license extension to give them more time to schedule an office visit.


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