Bighorn Bulletin Dec. 29

Oasis Shark Tank presenters Lorena Rios and Diya Heafner.

Oasis Shark Tank presenters Lorena Rios and Diya Heafner.

Seventh grade boys basketball
The seventh grade boys basketball team won the Lake Division championship game by beating Lovelock 19-17. The game was held in Lovelock. The team is coached by first year coach David Springfield.
"I would define this season by growth and learning. For most of these players, this was their first experience with competitive basketball, so there was a learning curve in the beginning. But they took on the challenge, worked hard every practice, and improved every day,” Springfield said.
“I am very proud of the effort that they showed this season. It was never a challenge for me or the other coaches to get them fired up and working hard, they always showed up with intensity and grit. All of this came together during the tournament where they played two close games against strong opponents and ended up with the victory. This was a rewarding and meaningful experience for myself since it was my first time coaching basketball, and I couldn't have asked for better players."
The team consists of Greyson Johnson, Kyle Shawcroft, Tyler Hoekenga, Drake Rowlett, Willie Cross, Eli Jones, Austin Booker, John Zulz, Clayton Hiibel, Asher Irving, Jackson Snow, Keaton Jaques, Dylan Dodge, and Crew Schank.
The team was treated to a ride in the city fire truck, dyed the fountain Bighorn blue, and had pizza at the Pizza Barn all from the City of Fallon to celebrate their win.

The seventh grade boys’ basketball team includes front row, from left: Clayton Hiibel, Asher Irving, Jackson Snow, Keaton Jaques, Dylan Dodge, and Crew Schank. Back row Greyson Johnson, Kyle Shawcroft, Tyler Hoekenga, Drake Rowlett, Willie Cross, Eli Jones, Austin Booke and John Zulz.


Classes go caroling
The sounds of Christmas filled the streets of Fallon a few weeks ago. Students from Future Farmers of America started off the week on Dec. 13 while eighth graders took over the reins Dec. 14.
Both groups are grateful for Charlie Morrow for volunteering to drive his truck and trailer to chauffeur the carolers.
This was the first year for FFA students to carol and 10 years of the tradition for eighth graders. “It was so fun to hear eighth grade students singing at the top of their lungs as we drove through town. The students especially loved when people came out on their porches to listen. The night was full of laughter and the gift stealing makes it all the more interesting and fun!” teacher Jill Rosario said.
The eighth graders finished the fun-filled evening back at school with a white elephant gift exchange.
“The FFA students decided to do a caroling activity in conjunction with our monthly meeting and they planned and organized the event. They chose to make the ‘fee to ride’ a non-perishable food item to donate to the Oasis Pantry, Oasis Offerings. We had a great turnout and had a good time,” said FFA adviser Jackie Bogdanowicz.

Oasis Shark Tank presenters Serenity Achurra and Ruby Hiskett.


Shark Tank-style presentations 
Oasis “Sharks” listened to creative presentations from dual enrolled high school and WNC BUS 198 students. The project was inspired from ABC’s Shark Tank television show.
For the project students were put into groups of two and selected everyday items to transform into something with a different purpose. Those new and improved products were then pitched to the “Sharks.” Student presentations needed to focus on marketing strategies including the product, pricing, promotion, process, people, physical evidence and place for selling the product.
Just like the show, students also needed to also know their numbers including customer acquisition cost, have a creative backstory, and be able to answer questions from the “Sharks.”
Oasis Sharks included Chief Financial Officer Dusty Casey, Chief Technology Officer Mike Kelly, English Instructor Julie Stockard, Special Education Instructor Ileigh Simons, and Database Administrator Jaime Lawrence.
“Getting to be a Shark for the BUS 198 class presentations was an amazing experience. It was wonderful to see how creative and innovative the students were in transforming everyday products into interesting, fun, and sometimes even viable products. A few of them had products that I would even consider investing in their company. They all really did a great job,” Kelly said.
The BUS 198 class is taught by Instructor Angela Viera. To learn more about this class and other dual enrollment opportunities through Oasis Academy, call 775-423-5437.


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