Big dips for the big game (recipe)

If you go to a big game party and bring dip, be sure to bring chips.

If you go to a big game party and bring dip, be sure to bring chips.

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 Excited about the next “BIG” game and looking for a great appetizer addition? How about a tasty chip dip?
Today I offer a couple of chip dip recipes, one inspired by all of my favorite toppings for a baked potato and the other a family favorite. If you don’t have time to make it yourself, I always love a classic salsa, or everyday French onion dip.
I asked my daughter, who lives in France, if they have French onion dip over there and she just laughed at me. French onion dip is very American – made with sour cream, chopped onions, and usually served with potato chips, it is not French by any means. It originated from Lipton’s dehydrated French onion soup mix. Turns out though that it was originally called “California dip” but then later on changed to make it more marketable.
Chip dips became popular in America in the 1950s. With a great variety of chips and crackers, the variety of dips increased as well. Nowadays each chip type seems to pair perfectly with a specific type of dip. Potato chips are popular with creamy dips like bacon, dill, or onion while tortilla chips are ideal with salsa, guacamole, and bean dip. Even the Greek yogurt sauce Tzatziki tops well on Pita Chips and Crostinis.
Now for a few rules for dipping:
1. Never take a dip to a party without including the chips.
2. No Double dipping. With your immediate family not so much of a problem – extended family and friends is crossing the line, and coworkers is an explicit NO! If you feel the urge to get more of that tasty dip on your once dipped chip, feel free to put a man sized glob on your plate and party on.
3. There is only one way to double dip and that is by flipping the chip to the other side and dipping the end which technically didn’t touch the dip the first go around (however check with the host as home field rules apply).
4. If two people accidently dip at the same time, the same rules as a traffic stop sign apply. The one on the right has the right of way and if four come into play, the one with the smallest chip has the advantage. Watch out for small chipper dippers though as they may take advantage and make up for the chip size by sweeping into the dip with their finger, which is a major party foul!
5. If you break a chip in the dip, never leave a chip behind. Simply get a bigger, much firmer chip (one that is folded works well) and rescue the broken one. Never use your finger unless you are the only dipper.
6. Proper dip to chip proportion is critical: dip enough to enjoy your chips all the while keeping others in mind. Give all your guests a fair chance to dip, but “first come first served” rules come into play when seconds are served. Do not hide dip from plain view and make sure you are bringing enough dip to cover the chips that you are bringing to the party.
So dip away and enjoy!
Baked Potato Chip Dip
4 pieces of bacon
1 sweet onion
1 cup sour cream
½ cup Mayonnaise
½ teaspoon hot sauce
¼ teaspoon Black pepper
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup thin cut scallions
2 tablespoons chives
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Fry bacon to a crisp and chop into small pieces. Reserve bacon grease and cook sliced onion until golden brown. When the onion is cooked, chop into very small pieces (a blender or food processor will work well also). Combine all other ingredients into a large bowl and stir until completely mixed. Put into a serving dish and sprinkle a few more chives on top. Refrigerate for an hour or so, and serve.
And for you tortilla fans, try this delicious favorite!
7 Layer Mexican Dip
2 pounds ground beef
Taco seasoning
2 cans refried beans
1 pound shredded cheddar cheese
3 cans Rotell (canned seasoned tomatoes a little spicy)
16 ounces guacamole
1 bunch green onions
Chilulla hot sauce
8 ounces black olives
1 cup sour cream
Brown the ground beef adding the taco seasoning enough for two pounds of beef. Heat the refried beans, and start by spreading them on the bottom of a glass dish. The process is just layering each ingredient evenly across the dish. Sprinkle an even layer of ground beef on top of the beans. Next comes an even layer of Rotell, then guacamole, green onion, sour cream, cheese then olives. Repeat if you have any leftover ingredients, and then it's finished! Cover and set in the refrigerator for an hour or so and serve with tortilla chips.
I hope you enjoy these recipes, but if you’re looking for some other simple dips, check out Butler Meats line of seasonings that make great dips- just add one ingredient!
David Theiss is owner of Butler Meats.


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