Carson City Sheriff’s Office focusing on pedestrian safety

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is joining forces with other law enforcement agencies statewide focusing on pedestrian safety through March 8.
Sections 484b.283 through 484b.297 of the Nevada Revised Statutes are specific to pedestrians.
Crosswalks are confusing for some; however, pedestrians share the responsibility when crossing at crosswalks.
As a pedestrian, at times, you will have the right of way; however, you will be on the losing end of a collision with any vehicle, crosswalks are not magic zones that automatically stop traffic.
• Never step out in front of traffic until safe to do so. That driver may not see you.
• Don’t walk in the travel lane, sidewalks are designed for pedestrian travel, sometimes it is inconvenient to walk on the side of the road, however, it’s always safer than walking in the roadway.
• Try to make eye contact with drivers when walking it will help you anticipate their actions and help determine if they see you or not.
• Cross at intersections when possible, it’s simply safer.
Drivers must remember that not all crosswalks are marked.
• Don’t pass other cars stopped at a crosswalk
• At marked and unmarked crosswalks, drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians that are in the crosswalk when the pedestrian is upon the same half of the roadway the motorist is on.
• If a pedestrian is in fact walking in the roadway or in violation of a pedestrian law, exercise caution when driving past them.
• If you do encounter a pedestrian in the roadway, notify the Sheriff’s Office, there could be something else going on in their life and they may need help.
Both, pedestrians and drivers are required to exercise caution while walking and driving.
Please walk and drive safely.


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