Lahontan presents PBIS update, trustees named to committees in 1st board meeting

New Churchill County School District trustee Gregg Malkovich, left, attended his first meeting last week. Trustee Amber Getto is to his left.

New Churchill County School District trustee Gregg Malkovich, left, attended his first meeting last week. Trustee Amber Getto is to his left.

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During the first board meeting of the year, Lahontan Elementary presented its Positive Behavior Intervention Supports Implementation to the ChurchillCSD Board of Trustees on Wednesday.

PBIS began at Lahontan during last school year when the team of Kimi Melendy, Lisa Mills, Jennifer Vasquez, Caitlin Chitwood, Julie Dolan, Jill Stetka, Olivia Lefort, Jennifer Buckmaster and Chelsey Franks created and began designing PBIS expectations. Implementation began at the start of the 2020-21 school year, and the team meets every second and fourth Tuesday.

In the presentation, the Tiered Fidelity Inventory sweeps are done three times per year to check if all PBIS standards are being implemented. The goal is to move from Tier I to Tier II for next school year, which requires a score of 70% or higher in the next two sweeps. In October, Lahontan’s total was 77 percent.

Based on data from the October sweep, Lahontan’s staff wanted to focus on teaching expectations, professional development, faculty improvement, and student, family and community involvement. The next sweep is in February.

Professional learning was provided to the staff in March but was not implemented until late last summer due to the pandemic. Next month, staff will select a school-wide focus expectation for each week, and classrooms modeling expectations will be shared through Lahontan’s digital newsletter and Class Dojo.

School lesson plans are taught in each classroom for the areas of classrooms, bathrooms, bus area, cafeteria, playground and building while students are socially distancing and wearing a mask.

The Wolf Pup School Expectations Motto of respectful, responsible and safe is recited every morning by the students.

“Our students weren’t accurately able to state the expectations,” Mills said. “They're able to say the expectation and they're able to model it. We're really able to reemphasize the expectations and same language.”

The school’s class behavior matrix, which goes over the three values, is posted in all classrooms, and school expectation posters are in the playground, bathroom, lunchroom and bus zone. The discipline matrix and referral form, which allows the school to track behaviors, was created and made available for staff who don’t have access to Infinite Campus.

The school also digitized the student store with lists and Pup Buck cart items. Pup Bucks are given to students by staff throughout the day. Parents can help their child count out the Pup Bucks and help them purchase from the store in person or they can send a list to their teacher.

Officers, committee members named for 2021

Matt Hyde (president), Tricia Strasdin (vice president), Carmen Schank (clerk) and Amber Getto (acting clerk) were selected as this year’s Board of Trustees officers.

Hyde also will serve as the NASB director and as a member on the NASB Legislative, Debt Management Commission, Audit, NIAA and Safety and Security committees. Strasdin is the NASB Alternate Director and she will also serve on the Audit and Master Plan Task Force committees. Schank will serve on the Budget Advisory, Policy and Negotiations (Licensed) committees.

Getto will serve on the NASB Legislative, Budget Advisory, Scholarship and Negotiations (Administrators) committees. Kathryn Whitaker is a member of the NASB Legislative, Scholarship, Policy and Negotiations (Classified) committees. Fred Buckmaster will serve on the Parks and Recreation, Master Plan Task Force, Scholarship and Safety and Security committees. New trustee Gregg Malkovich will serve on the Budget Advisory and Safety and Security committees.


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