Carson City launches online dispute resolution program for traffic cases

The Carson City Justice/Municipal Court has launched the Matterhorn Online Dispute Resolution program for eligible traffic cases.
Funded by a grant from the Department of Public Safety, Office of Criminal Justice Assistance, COVID Emergency Funding Program, the new program is user-friendly and a convenient way for the public to contest and resolve their traffic citation online by use of a home computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone.
With a few clicks, the public can participate in a virtual pretrial conference with the Carson City District Attorney’s Office. If warranted, an offer may be extended, and the public can accept, renegotiate, or reject the offer all online and at their convenience. Approximately, 10,000 traffic citations are filed with the court each year. This modern and convenient form of dispute resolution could not come at a better time to assist the public in a safe and secure environment.
“We support innovative approaches to conduct operations. ODR will provide greater flexibility and convenience to the public. For years, the public would need to take time off work, school, arrange childcare, and make special plans to attend court. We must continue to advance services through technology and other effective methods,” said Judge Thomas R. Armstrong.
“ODR will provide greater efficiency to the court and meet the expectation of the public for the court to offer services online. The public will continue to have access to the court if they desire to contest their citation through a traditional traffic trial,” said Judge Kristin N. Luis.
“I support ODR as it will allow my office greater flexibility to assist the public who are contesting their traffic citation through technology. The public who do not have online access will continue to be able to have access to a pre-trial conference. It’s a win-win situation,” said Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury.
ODR will not only assist the public but will reduce in-person court appearances. Reducing the number of individuals coming to the courthouse will reduce the spread of COVID-19 and provides high risk individuals access to the courts without compromising their health. ODR services will be offered to the public for free through the grant period.


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